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Amendment C114

What is Amendment C114?

Planning Scheme Amendment C114 applies to land within the North Sale Growth Area, which is bound by the existing Cobains Estate, Cobains Road, Sale to the west and Chinamans Lane to the east (see Figure 1 below). The Amendment proposes the rezoning of the land from the Farming Zone (FZ) to the General Residential Zone - Schedule 1 (GRZ1). It is also proposed to apply a new Development Plan Overlay - Schedule 13 (DPO13) to the land to support further residential subdivision in accordance with the ‘North Sale Development Plan (2018)’ (NSDP).

Figure 1: Land to be rezoned outlined in red

What are the key changes proposed?

The Amendment makes the following key changes to the current content of the Wellington Planning Scheme:

  • amends Clause 21.05-12 at ‘Application of policy, zones and overlays’, by deleting dot point five that references the possible rezoning to Commercial 2 Zone the subject land as ‘Urban Residential Expansion’;
  • rezones the land from the FZ to the GRZ1;
  • inserts a new Schedule (Schedule 13) to the Development Plan Overlay at Clause 43.04 to ensure new residential development occurs in accordance with the NSDP; and
  • amends Planning Scheme Zone Maps to reflect the above changes.

The Amendment supports the coordinated delivery of much needed additional residential land in a long-established growth area of Sale and will facilitate the equitable and transparent delivery of key infrastructure items critical to supporting new development. The NSDP can be viewed using the following link:

Current Status

At the Ordinary meeting of 21 June 2022, Council resolved to request Authorisation from the Minister for Planning to progress Amendment C114 to a period of formal public exhibition.

The statutory documentation required to accompany an application for formal Authorisation is currently being finalised.

Further updates will be provided on this page as the Amendment process progresses.

Further Information

For further information on this Amendment, please contact a member of the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 366 244.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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