Council may establish Committees to assist with decision making, planning, facility management or to act in an advisory role.

A full list of active Committees and Council representatives is available by viewing the Council Committees Register.

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David Morcom

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Communications and Media.

Arthur Skipitaris

General Manager Corporate Services
Finance, Information Services, Organisation Development, Business Improvement.

Brent McAlister

General Manager Development
Land Use Planning, Economic Development, Municipal Services, Customer Service.

Chris Hastie

General Manager Built and Natural Environment
Assets and Projects, Built Environment, Natural Environment and Parks.

Sharon Houlihan

General Manager Community and Culture
Arts and Culture, Community Wellbeing, Healthy Lifestyles, Leisure Services.
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Council Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees have been established to assist Council and the community in a number of areas.

Advisory Committees may consist of community members, Council Officers and Councillors.

They provide advice on a range of issues including

  • Projects
  • Planning
  • Policy
  • Resource planning
  • Disability and community access
  • Community amenity and
  • Many other strategic community issues

These Committees have no other authority or purpose other than to give information or advice to Council to assist it in its ultimate decision-making role.

The Mayor may attend any Advisory Committee Meeting.

Committees of Other Organisations (Delegates)

Councillors are often requested and/or required to represent Council via participation on Committees formed by other organisations.

Other Groups

Any other group, Taskforce, PCG and/or Statutory Committee are subject to formal Council approval processes.

Community Asset Committees

Under section 65 of the Local Government Act 2020, the Council may establish Community Asset Committees made up of any combination of Councillors, Council staff and other people.

The Chief Executive Officer may, by Instrument of Delegation, delegate its functions, duties or powers to a Community Asset Committee, though this is subject to certain restrictions.

The Mayor may attend any meeting.

Wellington Shire Council currently has five (5) Community Asset Committees. These committees have been delegated responsibility to manage and maintain their reserves.

  • Briagolong Recreation Reserve Committee
  • Cameron Sporting Complex Committee
  • Gordon Street Reserve Committee
  • Maffra Recreation Reserve Committee
  • Newry Recreation Reserve Committee

Audit & Risk Committee

Council's Audit & Risk Committee has been established in accordance with the requirements of Section 53 of the Local Government Act 2020. It is a formally appointed committee of the Council and is responsible to that body, meeting at least 4 times a year. It does not have executive powers or authority to implement actions in areas over which management has responsibility and does not have any delegated financial responsibility. It also does not have any management functions and is therefore independent of management.

The Audit & Risk Committee provides reporting and appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to our Charter in order to facilitate decision making by Council in relation to the discharge of its responsibilities.

Members of the Audit & Risk Committee and their terms are: Mr Chris Badger - October 2023, Ms Kiah Cashman - October 2021, Mr Frank Evans - October 2022 and 2 Councillors appointed annually (currently Councillor Garry Stephens and Councillor Marcus McKenzie).

The Audit & Risk Committee Charter includes further information on the terms of reference and a list of duties and responsibilities.

Community Committees

A Community Committee of Management is a group of volunteers who are elected to manage, operate and maintain a facility for the community in an efficient, effective and practical manner. This includes facilities such as halls, reserves and pavillions.

Council recognises and supports the significant contribution made by community committees of management and their ability to:

  • Encourage, promote and provide for the use of the facility for user groups and the community as a whole in a fair and equitable manner
  • Ensure the facility meets the needs of the local community
  • Undertake the day to day running of the facility independently of Council

As part of Council's support and recognition to these volunteer committees of management, we implement agreements to formalise the use and management of the facility based on its ownership and facility's purpose.

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