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As a resident of Wellington Shire Council, you can surrender your pet to us. Below is information on a surrender process.

Making the decision to surrender the family pet is a difficult experience for any animal owner. However, life is unpredictable and pet owners may one day find themselves in a position where there is no other option.

Pet owners may need to surrender their pets for many reasons. We encourage owners to seek help and advice before considering surrendering. Animal Aid Gippsland may be able to provide support to help you keep your pet.

You can contact Animal Aid on 5144 5940 or

If you want to surrender your pet, please complete the surrender form below or alternatively you can contact Council’s local laws team.  Please ensure you answer all of the questions - it will increase the chances of a successful animal rehoming. Once we receive the form, our Local Laws team will contact you as soon as possible.

If you would like to surrender directly to Animal Aid Gippsland all surrenders are undertaken by appointment only. Please contact Animal Aid to discuss your needs prior to bringing your pet to the shelter.

In some cases, serious health or behavioural issues will make it impossible for Animal Aid to rehome some animals. Often the reasons they are surrendered are the same reasons that we aren’t able to rehome them. Under Domestic Animal Act 1994 if animal shows aggressive behaviour, it cannot be rehomed and will be humanely euthanised. In all other cases, we will make every effort possible to give the animals surrendered into our care a second chance, as we believe all pets deserve the safety and comfort of a loving family.

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