Electric Vehicle Charging


Wellington Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Wellington Shire Council is committed to investing in a sustainable future with a strong focus on reducing emissions. Council has commenced installing charging stations at Council owned carparks in key destination hotspots.

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Where are the charging stations located?


Port of Sale (Wellington Centre Car Park), Grand Canal Road

Two car spaces converted to electric vehicle only with access to a 75kw DC Tritium Destination Charger on the Evie platform.


Yarram Hub, 156 Grant Street

Two spaces converted to electric vehicle only parking with access to a 50kw DC Tritium Charger on the Charge Fox platform.


22 George Street, Heyfield

Two spaces converted to electric vehicle only parking with access to a 50kw Sinexcel DC Charger on the Charge Fox platform.

Planning for charging infrastructure is based on studies undertaken across Victoria and within Gippsland (Charging Gippsland for Future Transport, Charging the Regions Local Government EV Charging Network Study).

What you need to know...

By 2040, it is anticipated that 61% of all passenger vehicle sales will be electric.

  • Electric vehicles create less air and noise pollution and can be run completely carbon neutral when powered by renewable energy.
  • The average motorist drives only 37km per day. EVs can easily accommodate this daily range with some models offering 400km plus on a single charge.
  • Charging times are reducing quickly as technology advances.

Can all EVs access the charging network?

Yes. The charging stations are open source, meaning they will be accessible to drivers of all electric vehicle models.

How can I charge my vehicle at these stations?

There is a small fee of 40c/kwh associated with charging. Payment is through the Evie app. Once you activate the charger via the app:

  1. Plug your cord into the machine.
  2. Press the green button.
  3. Please ensure the cord is carefully placed to avoid a trip hazard for pedestrians.
  4. When your vehicle is charged or you wish to leave the station, press the stop button, unplug your cord and continue on your way. Have a safe journey.

What parking rules apply?

These parking spots are designated as ‘Electric Vehicles Excepted Only’.

Electric vehicle drivers will need to adhere to any normal parking restrictions that apply at that location.

If you do encounter the wrong vehicle parked in this space, prohibiting EVs to park and charge, you can report it to Wellington Council’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 366 244.

What is the difference between AC and DC charging?

The electricity grid delivers AC (alternating current) but EVs charge their batteries with DC (direct current). An electric vehicle has an on-board charger to convert AC power to DC.

DC chargers deliver power directly to the battery of EVs at a much higher rate but have a more complex design and cost more. Most home and destination chargers are AC.

Where can I find a public charger and how do I know if they are available?

PlugShare is an independent register that provides an up-to-date database of electric vehicle charging stations. Visit the Plugshare website to find a station near you. Many EV cars also come with technology showing the nearest charging station.

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