Heritage Overlay


The Wellington Planning Scheme currently protects many heritage places/objects through the Heritage Overlay (e.g. a building, tree or a whole area/precinct).

To determine if a site is currently included in the Heritage Overlay, please generate a free Planning Property Report.

Is a Planning Permit required under the Heritage Overlay?

A Planning Permit is usually required to construct a building or to undertake works in a Heritage Overlay (including demolition). A copy of the Heritage Overlay requirements can be accessed by following the link to Planning Schemes Online (refer to Clause 43.01 and the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay).

To confirm if you need a Planning Permit, please contact Council, or lodge a Planning Advice Request Form.

When a Planning Permit is only required as a result of the provisions of the Heritage Overlay, there is no assessment fee payable to Council. However, when a Planning Permit is also required by another planning control/overlay, planning fees are applicable.

Heritage Advice

Council employs a Heritage Advisor to provide free heritage advice to the community and Council. When you have confirmed with Council that a planning permit is required under the Heritage Overlay, it is recommended that you contact the Heritage Advisor to discuss the proposal prior to lodging a Planning Permit application with Council.

Potential Heritage Overlay Protection

Context Pty Ltd has previously completed a Stage 1 Heritage Study for the whole of the Wellington Shire. 

The Stage 1 Heritage Study includes a list of places of potential heritage significance (refer in particular to the high priority places listed in Appendix 6, 7 and 8 of the Volume 1 Study Methods and Results document).

Prior to purchasing land, it is recommended that the high priority places listed in the Stage 1 study be reviewed as it is possible that these sites will be protected by the Heritage Overlay in the future.

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