Detailed descriptions for both the West Sale Airport and Yarram Aerodrome are detailed below.

Live Weather Cameras

Live weather cameras are established at both facilities and can be viewed on the following links:

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West Sale Airport (YWSL)


West Sale Airport is located on approximately 180 hectares and is adjacent to the Princes Highway, 10km west of Sale.


  • RWY 09/27 1,800m sealed
  • RWY 05/23 500m grass
  • RWY 14/32 699m grass

Airport Lighting

  • LIRL LED lighting
  • Standby generator
  • Precision Approach Path Indicator

Fuel Facilities

  • 24 hour access
  • Av-gas 20,000lts
  • Jet A1 20,000lts

Investment Ready

  • Hangar sites available
  • Western Industrial/Commercial Precinct

Other Features

  • CAE King Air simulator located in township of Sale
  • On airport Helicopter Underwater Escape Training simulator
  • Support available to access government funding
  • Class II compass swing site
  • At 1,800m West Sale is the longest 30m wide runway in regional Victoria


Wellington Shire Council owns and manages the airport in accordance with CASA requirements.

The airport has three runways: one sealed runway 09/27 at 1,800 metres in length and two grass runways. At certain times, surrounding airspace is activated and controlled from RAAF Base East Sale Air Traffic Control.

The Airport hosts a number of aviation businesses specialising in:

  • Aviation consulting
  • Charter flight operations
  • Aircraft repair maintenance and overhaul
  • Training of aviation mechanical engineers
  • Providing a base for aircraft operations servicing the offshore oil and gas extraction industry
  • Provision of Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

Multinational aerospace corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Pilatus, Airflite, Hawker Pacific, and CHC Helicopters currently maintain a presence in Sale. The confluence of YWSL, RAAF Base East Sale, as well as surrounding aerodromes and Longford Heliport supports a thriving aviation industry. A Beechcraft King Air 5000 series simulator, operated by CAE Australia, is located in Sale and whilst being primarily used by Defence has capacity for civilian use. This advanced simulator is approved by CASA to level D standard.

Growth in the aviation sector has been further boosted by ongoing investment of over $400 million in defence aviation infrastructure at the RAAF Base East Sale. Recognising the unique locational attributes, RAAF Base East Sale will host Defence's Basic Pilot Training School from 2019 - Defence Project Air 5428.

2023/24 Landing Fees

$8.20/tonne pro-rata

  • Fee applied per aircraft landing (landing and take-off), no charge for touch and go
  • Military and other aircraft with licence agreement exempt


The main runway (RWY) 09/27 is a  sealed asphalt runway with dimensions 1800m x 30m facing east-west. This is suitable for all general aircraft (GA) and most regional RPT and Code 3C aircraft.

The Airport Master Plan Update (2017) adopted a design aircraft of the Dash 8 Q400 with the expectation that all future runway works will accommodate the Q400.

The main runway also has a visual approach slope indicator array, in the form of single sided PAPI at each main runway end.

The two grassed runways are 30m wide with a 90m wide runway strip, with lengths of 699m and 500m respectively.

Both grassed strips are well maintained and provide the correct dimensions and surface consistent with their intended use for light GA aircraft movements. The grass runways provide for maximum airfield use when considering diverse training requirements. All associated runway shoulders and strip areas are maintained in accordance with CASA standards (Manual of Standards Part 139).

Eastern Apron

This 15,000m² apron is serviced from the main 09/27 runway on the eastern end by Taxiway Alpha, which is a sealed asphalt pavement, 15m wide and capable of Code C aircraft operations.

The Eastern Apron accommodates charter, Air Ambulance movements for both fixed and rotary wing GA operations. Taxiway Bravo also provides access from 09/27. This Code B taxiway also services the GA hangars that are situated to the south of the Eastern Apron.

Western Apron

Maintenance and Servicing Apron

This large 22,000m² apron is serviced from the main runway by Taxiway Charlie, which is a sealed pavement, 10.5m wide and capable of Code B aircraft operations.

This taxiway has the width and pavement strength to accommodate Code C aircraft but for the longitudinal grade has been designated a Code B taxiway. This taxiway has an adjoining pavement area for engine run-ups for three Code A aircraft.

The engine run-up bay area has also been surveyed and meets the requirements as a Class 2 compass swing site.

Apron Capacity

Both of the aircraft parking aprons, Eastern Apron and Western Apron, provide significant capacity for the current movement frequency, allowing for further aircraft operational increases without the need for expansion of the allocated parking areas.

An increase in aircraft movements and larger aircraft types (both RPT and GA) and helicopters could be absorbed within the current Eastern Apron dimensions.

The current Eastern Apron coverage could potentially provide parking positions for 2 x fully independent (power-in/power-out) Dash 8-300 type aircraft.The current Eastern Apron pavement is a flexible asphalt construction providing substantial load capability for current operating aircraft. Based on our on-site observations of this apron pavement area, we would anticipate this pavement to be suitable for Dash 8-300 and probably Q400 aircraft.


Sealed taxiways link both ends of 09/27 to the Eastern and Western Aprons. All are suitable in dimensions and strength for its intended aircraft.

Taxiway Alpha
Sealed and 15m wide and capable of supporting Code C aircraft and handling any movements of the Dash8.

Taxiway Bravo
Sealed and 10.5m wide and capable of supporting Code B aircraft. From 09/27 Bravo links to the western side of the Eastern Apron and to the Code A taxiway system to the Eastern Recreational Aviation Precinct (ERAP) off Echo 1 and 2.

Taxiway Charlie
Sealed and 10.5m wide capable of supporting Code B aircraft. Having been renewed in 2013 this taxiway actually has the width and pavement strength to accommodate Code C aircraft but for the longitudinal grade has been designated a Code B taxiway. This taxiway has an adjoining pavement area for engine run-ups for three Code A aircraft.

Navigational Aids and Markings

A ground-based non-directional beacon (NDB) services YWSL and is located at RAAF Base East Sale. An approach slope indicator system (PAPI) is located on the main runway.

These serve as the nav-aids for the runway approach procedures and the GPS arrivals.Due to the uptake of GPS navigation it is envisaged that no further ground based radio navigation aids will be required for the airport.Further introduction of satellite based flight procedures will accommodate any future aircraft type and movement increases.All airfield markings are installed in accordance with the CASA standards and meet or exceed the requirements of the current aircraft operations.


Being 8NM from RAAF Base East Sale and within the 50NM radius of Air Force Controlled Airspace centered at East Sale provides an increase in aviation safety.

When activated, the operational airspace above and around YWSL is controlled by Air Traffic Control (ATC) personnel at RAAF Base East Sale. Furthermore, designated areas of Restricted Airspace surround the Base to protect and support military training and other flying activities.

Consequently, the times of day, duration, and overall airspace availability for users of YWSL are managed in response to military requirements. Military use of active restricted airspace imposes some constraints on the use of that airspace by other pilots and aircraft.

Pilots and aircraft with the appropriate class licence and relevant endorsements can request ATC approval to access the airspace. However, depending on flying training operations this is subject to approval by East Sale ATC.

Council is aware of support for changes to airspace, primarily related to recreational aircraft.Requests for changes to airspace are assessed by the Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR) within CASA and Council would be guided by OAR's recommendations.

Investment Ready

Prime land with airside access is currently available at West Sale Airport to establish new commercial activities.

The Airport is serviced by:

  • 3 Phase 500kVA available on the western precinct and 3 Phase 300kVA available on the eastern precinct
  • Excellent road access to the Princes Highway, one kilometre from the airport Area 2 - Federation Training site

In 2018 the Victorian Government committed $25million to establish a new purpose-built TAFE facility within close proximity of Sale's central business district. This exciting announcement means the site currently occupied by Federation Training, indicated on the aerial image as Area 2, will become available for the first time in over 25 years.

This exceptional site is well equipped with over 20 well maintained buildings including a reception area, well-appointed office space, library, conference rooms, aviation workshops, canteen, hangars and 2,100 sqm workshop facility.

Alternatively the site could be redeveloped for a specific commercial purpose.

In addition, in 2018 Council adopted the West Sale and Wurruk Industrial Land Supply Strategy to facilitate future industrial development. The Strategy recommended that land to the immediate east of the West Sale Airport be rezoned for industrial development as a high priority. This industrial rezoning initiative is now being advanced by Council, which will form part of a broader economic precinct supported by major road, rail and air distribution infrastructure.

Plans are underway for the further development of the Western Industrial /Commercial Precinct. This will provide a range of lot sizes with airside frontage, suitable for aviation related businesses.

Yarram Parkside Aerodrome (YYRM)


The Yarram Parkside Aerodrome site is approximately 69 ha and contains two runways, a taxiway, an apron and a small building area.


  • RWY 09/27 756m unsealed
  • RWY 05/23 1,090m grass

Other Features

  • Hangar sites available
  • Attractive lease terms
  • Closest mainland airport to Flinders Island
  • Aero Club
  • Uncongested airspace
  • Scenic views
  • Pilot activated lighting
  • AWIS

2023/24 Landing Fees

$3.91/tonne pro-rata

  • Fee applied per aircraft landing (landing and take-off), no charge for touch and go
  • Military and other aircraft with licence agreement exempt

West Sale Airport Runway Extension

Runway extension works at the West Sale Airport have commenced and consist of the following items;

  • Extension of the Runway 09/27 to the East from 1527m to 1800m
  • Construction of Turning Nodes at each end of the runway
  • Construction of 90m long Runway End Safety Areas (RESA) and clearway sections at both ends of the runway
  • Rehabilitation and Strengthening works on runway 09/27 between Ch920-1320m
  • Installation of a new ground lighting system including trenching to install cable, installation of a new secondary windsock
  • Drainage works associated with the above construction and reconstruction
  • Asphalt resurfacing of runway
  • Other temporary works required to achieve the above
  • Application of line marking
  • Flight checks and commissioning of new lighting system

West Sale Airport Runway Extension document links


Certain requirements exist for operating drones, please refer to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

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