High Risk Waste (E-Waste, Asbestos and Chemicals)


High Risk or Hazardous Waste are waste or products that have the potential to harm humans or the environment, either now or into the future. There are many options to help you dispose of household hazardous waste safely and responsibly.

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E-waste is any item that needs a plug or battery to work.

E-Waste is no longer permitted in Victoria's landfills. This therefore means that E-Waste cannot be disposed of in your 120-litre rubbish bin, your 240-litre recycling bin or through hard waste collection.

E-waste may be recycled at No Charge at any Wellington Shire Council Transfer Station or Landfill. And small items such as mobile phones, household batteries, printer cartridges, computer mice, cords and other small electronic items can be disposed of at the Port of Sale (Wellington Centre) facility and also the Yarram Hub.

Examples of e-waste include:

  • Computers and monitors, mice, keyboards, printers and faxes
  • Entertainment Equipment – TV’s, VCRs, DVD players, remote controls, cameras and game consoles
  • Mobile Phones/Telephones
  • Power tools such as drills, electric mowers, sewing machines and electric mixers.
  • Other components including transformers and resistors.
  • Electronic games including computer game consoles.
  • Household appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, microwaves, toasters, irons, kettles, vacuum cleaners and hairdryers (fridges and freezers do not need to be degassed prior to drop off)
  • Children’s toys that make noise/sing/play sounds.

Learn more about what happens to your e-waste in the video below.


Due to the significant health risks associated with asbestos, there are strict requirements for its removal and disposal.

A householder may legally remove small amounts of asbestos from their property. As asbestos poses a health risk during removal, packaging, transport and disposal, it is important that it is handled safely during these operations.

Larger projects and commercial works must be undertaken by a qualified and licensed contractor.

Asbestos containing products must not be placed into domestic rubbish bins, placed out for hard rubbish collection or disposed of into building waste receptacles. This presents a significant health risk to our waste collectors and landfill operations staff.

Domestic quantities only can be deposited at the Kilmany Resource Recovery Centre and Landfill if prior arrangements are made by phoning (03) 4124 3000. Kilmany is the only waste facility in our Shire that is licenced to accept domestic asbestos.

Asbestos must be wrapped and transported according to section 6.1 of the EPA Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines. Please contact the Environmental Protection Agency for more information regarding the disposal of asbestos.

More information

Whether you are an employer, employee, homeowner or tenant, the website below is a comprehensive resource to help you understand the risks of asbestos, and how to safely manage or remove it.


All farm chemical users within our region are encouraged to bring their empty, cleaned, non-returnable, steel and plastic farm chemical containers to our local drumMUSTER facility for inspection and collection.  DrumMUSTER will now accept previously non-eligible containers such as surfactants, dairy chemicals and liquid fertilisers but will not accept containers that have contained petroleum, oil or liquid chlorine.

Containers must be:

  • Triple rinsed (into your spray tank)
  • Clean and dry with no chemical residue
  • Declared clean by an authorised drumMUSTER inspector on delivery

For further information pick up the Agsafe Standard for Effective Rinsing of Farm Chemical Containers brochure from your chemical outlet or see the drumMUSTER website.

Permanent drumMUSTER collection sites are open every Wednesday from 9am to 3pm or other times by arrangement at the Maffra Landfill, Kilmany Resource Recovery Centre and Landfill and the Yarram Transfer Station.

Household Chemical Disposal

Detox your Home event

Council participates annually in Sustainability Victoria's Detox Your Home initiative to help Wellington’s residents safely dispose of everyday household chemicals without harming the environment. Each year, Council co-hosts a drop-off event at Gippsland Regional Livestock Exchange in Sale.

More than 80 people dropped off chemicals during the 2023 event. Council will update this page as 2024's event details are locked in.

Detox your Home

Detox Your Home is a free service allowing residents to drop off their unwanted household chemicals, such as weedkiller, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, cosmetics and cooking oil. These products are all harmful to the environment and should not be placed in kerbside bins or poured down sinks. Detox your Home events are staffed by expert chemists who identify and sort the chemicals for safe transport back to a licensed facility in Melbourne, where they are processed for reuse or safe disposal. Chemicals collected are processed and recovered or recycled wherever possible. If they cannot be reused in any way, they are safely disposed of.

Sharps Disposal

Further information on Sharps Disposal is available on the Sharps Disposal page.

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