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If you operate a personal care or body art business within Wellington Shire, you must be registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing (PHWB) Act 2008.  

The following services require registration:

  • beauty therapy
  • applying cosmetics
  • colonic irrigation
  • hairdressing
  • skin penetration (piercing)
  • tattooing.

These businesses must comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019 and the Infection prevention and control guidelines for hair, beauty, tattooing and skin penetration industries.

Environmental Health Officers routinely inspect these businesses for compliance with cleanliness and infection control requirements.

If you take over a business in existing premises, you need to transfer the registration to your name before you can start trading. If you plan to start your business in new premises, you should also discuss your proposal with Wellington Shire Council. Make an enquiry about a transfer or a new PHWB registration using the PHWB Enquiry Form.

Applying for Registration

  • Contact 1300 366 244 or to schedule an onsite inspection with the Environmental Health Officer when a suitable premises is found. You must provide a floor plan which shows the proposed construction of the premises.
  • Work may commence once plans are approved. Our Environmental Health Officers are available for consultation during this process.
  • On completion, the premises will be inspected by an Environmental Health Officer to ensure compliance.
  • When the business is ready to operate, you will be provided with an application form and you must pay the appropriate fees. Application forms, documents and fees must be submitted  prior to operating.
  • A Certificate of Registration is issued once the premises is operating.
  • PHWB Act registrations are renewed each year. Premises that are registered for hairdressing only or applying cosmetics only are exempt from renewals, but must notify council if services change, move premises or close.  

A certificate of registration and Scope of Registration must be displayed at all personal care or body art premises.

New Registration/Renewal Fees

(1 January 2024 - 31 December 2024)

Premises Type

  • Beauty - $156.50
  • Hairdresser or Temporary Cosmetics (Ongoing) - $280
  • Prescribed Accommodation - $228.50
  • Transfer of Registration - 50% of annual registration fee
  • Aquatic Facility – Category 1 (3 Years) - $191.50
  • Pre-purchase Inspection Fee - $310
  • Additional Inspection Fee - $181

50% Discount available from 1 August 2023 (See below)

Premises Type

  • Beauty - $78.25
  • Hairdresser or Temporary Cosmetics (Ongoing) - $140
  • Prescribed Accommodation - $114.25
  • Transfer of Registration - Not Applicable
  • Aquatic Facility – Category 1 (3 Years) - Not Applicable
  • Pre-purchase Inspection Fee - Not Applicable
  • Additional Inspection Fee - Not Applicable

Transfer and Closure of Public Health and Wellbeing Act Registration

When a business is sold, the PHWB registration must be transferred into the new owners' name. The relevant paperwork can be obtained by contacting Wellington Shire Council.

If a business closes, Wellington Shire Council must be notified in writing, or complete the Cancellation of Registered Premises form below.

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