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Wellington Shire Council is responsible for registering businesses that conduct activities in our shire such as hairdressing, beauty therapy, body piercing and tattooing.

These types of businesses are required to be registered under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 at the premises from which they operate. They must comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019 and the Infection Control Guidelines. Environmental Health Officers routinely inspect these businesses for compliance with cleanliness and infection control requirements.

Applying for Registration

  • Prospective business owners must obtain a copy of the Health Guidelines for Personal Care and Body Art Industries to familiarise yourself with the legal requirements for operating a Health Act business.
  • Arrange an onsite inspection with the Environmental Health Office when a suitable premises is found. You must provide a floor plan which shows the proposed construction of the premises.
  • Work may commence once plans are approved. Our Health Officers are available for consultation during this process.
  • On completion, the premises are inspected by an Environmental Health Officer to ensure compliance.
  • When the business is ready to operate, we provide an Application for Health Act Registration form and you must pay the appropriate fees. Application forms and fees must be submitted to us prior to operating. For the current fee amounts please contact the Environmental Health Office.
  • A Certificate of Registration is issued by us once the premises is operating.
  • Health Act registrations are renewed each year.

Transfer and Closure of Public Health and Wellbeing Act Registration

When a business is sold, the Public Health and Wellbeing Registration must be transferred into the new owners' name. The relevant paperwork can be obtained by contacting Wellington Shire Council.

If a business closes, Wellington Shire Council must be notified in writing, or complete the Cancellation of Registered Premises form below.

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