Planning Fees


Non-legislated Wellington Shire Council Fees for Statutory and Strategic Planning are shown below.

Applicable State Government fees (depending on the type of Planning Permit application) can be accessed via the Planning and Subdivision Fees page on Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website. Council encourages planning applicants to seek preliminary planning advice prior to lodging an application. Please contact Council’s Planning Facilitator on 1300 366 244.

Statutory Planning Fees (As of 1 July 2022)


  • Valuation for Public Open Space Contribution: Cost of Valuation


  • Where heritage controls are the only trigger for a planning permit: NO FEE

Liquor Licence

  • Liquor Licence Only: $200.00

Native Vegetation Removal

  • Less than 10 Hectares: $200.00

Planning Permit

Application for Planning Permit (please refer to State Government fees)

  • Copy of Issued Planning Permit and Endorsed Plans: $160.00
  • Request for Extension of Time to Planning Permit: $300.00
  • Amend Endorsed Plan (if the estimate cost of change is $10,000 or less, relates to a single dwelling and there is no need for new referrals or Public Notice: $200.00

Section 173 Agreement

  • Section 173 Agreement - Preparation/Review: $300.00

Written Advice

  • Planning Advice: $100.00

Strategic Planning Fees (As of 1 July 2022)

  • Planning Advice: $100.00

*All fees include GST.

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