Bin Collection


All serviced properties are provided with two wheelie bins, a 120 litre bin for rubbish (collected weekly) and a 240 litre bin for recycling (collected fortnightly).

Only properties within 'Declared Collection Areas' receive the kerbside bin collection service. These properties receive a separate charge for waste management on their Rates Notices. The 'Declared Collection Areas' can be viewed on the maps below, and can only be changed by Council resolution.

Properties outside the 'Declared Collection Areas' should dispose of their waste at their nearest Waste Facility.

Sale Residents: Sale is collected over multiple days - residents can view the Sale Garbage Collection Map to determine their collection zone.

New Bins, Damaged Bins or Missed Collections

Council engage the services of a contractor to undertake their waste collection - the current contractor is Towards Zero.

To request a new bin, or to report a damaged bin or missed bin collection please contact Towards Zero on 1300 130 129.

What Goes in Which Bin?

The small 120 litre bin collected weekly is used for household rubbish which goes to landfill. Bag your rubbish to help keep your bin clean and avoid bad smells. Use your 120 litre bin for all household rubbish that you cannot put in our kerbside recycle bin such as:

  • Plastic bags (eg. shopping, freezer, garbage and bread bags) - Alternatively, soft plastics can be recycled through Redcycle.
  • Broken crockery
  • Window or mirror glass (wrapped)
  • Disposable nappies
  • Polystyrene
  • Cling wrap and plastic wrapping
  • Disposable gloves
  • Light globes
  • Syringes or medical waste (wrapped)
  • Plastics with no recycle code number
  • Food scraps


The large 240 litre bin collected fortnightly is used for recycling only.  Place your recyclables loose in your bin - do not put them in plastic bags. Empty containers to avoid contamination, and flatten boxes and cans to save room. You do not need to rinse or remove labels. Your 240 litre bin should be used for the following recyclables - for more information on what you can put in your recycle bin, see the Get it Right on Bin Night website.

  • Steel and aluminium cans (Including aerosol cans and empty paint tins)
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastics printed with Recycle Codes 1 to 7 (No polystyrene foam)
  • Cardboard and paper (No waxed board eg. fruit boxes)
  • Aluminium foil and trays

Putting out your Bin

Bins must be placed out before 6.00am on collection day, and should be:

  • Placed on the nature strip adjacent to your property
  • Parallel to the kerb
  • Clear from overhead trees
  • Facing with the lid opening to the road
  • Away from power poles or street signs
  • Spaced at least 1 metre apart when both are out
  • Not behind a parked car

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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