Documents Available for Public Inspection


Council maintain a range of documents and registers for public inspection in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989, Local Government Act 2020, Local Government (Governance and Integrity) Regulations 2020 and the Local Government (Planning and Reporting) Regulations 2020 - these are shown below.

Note: The Auditors Report is incorporated within the Annual Report.

In addition, the following documents are also available for public inspection at the Sale Service Centre. To arrange an inspection, please contact Council.

  • Authorised Officers
  • Delegations
  • List of all Leases
  • List of Donations and Grants
  • Register of Interests Travel Register
  • Details of Chief Executive Officer reappointment and total remuneration

The documents below can also be viewed at our Sale or Yarram Service Centres.

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David Morcom

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Communications and Media.

Andrew Pomeroy

General Manager Development
Land Use Planning, Economic Development, Municipal Services, Customer Service.

Clem Gillings

General Manager Community and Culture
Arts and Culture, Communities, Facilities & Emergencies, Leisure Services.

Arthur Skipitaris

General Manager Corporate Services
Finance, Information Services, Organisation Development, Business Improvement.

Chris Hastie

General Manager Built and Natural Environment
Assets and Projects, Built Environment, Natural Environment and Parks.
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2017-21 Council Plan

2019/20 Annual Report

2020/21 Annual Report

2020/21 Council Budget

2021-25 Council Plan

2021-25 Council Plan Progress Report - December 2023

2021-25 Council Plan Progress Report - June 2023

2021-25 Council Plan Progress Report - March 2023

2021-25 Council Plan Progress Report - September 2023

2021/22 Annual Report

2021/22 Council Budget

2022/23 Annual Report

2022/23 Council Budget

2023/24 Council Budget

2024/25 Council Budget

Asset Plan 2021-2025

Community Impact Statement 2021

Community Local Law 2021

Councillor Code of Conduct

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan

Financial Plan 2021-22 to 2030-31

Governance Local Law 2024

Governance Local Law 2024 Community Impact Statement

Governance Rules

March 2024 - Summarised Personal Interests Returns - Councillors

March 2024 - Summarised Personal Interests Returns - Nominated Officers

Sale and District Feasibility Study

Strategic Resource Plan

Wellington 2031

Wellington Shire Investment Prospectus

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There are currently no public alerts issued by Council.

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