Council Elections


The Wellington Shire is subdivided into three wards – Northern, Central and Coastal – each with three Councillors.

Council general elections are held every four years with the next general election scheduled for Saturday 26 October 2024.

The election process is coordinated by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC), with additional information relating to boundaries, enrolment, election results and more available directly from the VEC website.

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David Morcom

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Communications and Media.

Andrew Pomeroy

General Manager Development
Land Use Planning, Economic Development, Municipal Services, Customer Service.

Clem Gillings

General Manager Community and Culture
Arts and Culture, Communities, Facilities & Emergencies, Leisure Services.

Arthur Skipitaris

General Manager Corporate Services
Finance, Information Services, Organisation Development, Business Improvement.

Chris Hastie

General Manager Built and Natural Environment
Assets and Projects, Built Environment, Natural Environment and Parks.
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Are you interested in being a Council Election Candidate?

To nominate as a candidate for election as a Wellington Shire Councillor you must be:

  • An Australian Citizen;
  • Aged 18 years or older on election day; and
  • A resident or ratepayer of Wellington Shire enrolled to vote.

You must ensure the disqualifications under s 34(2) of the Local Government Act 2020 do not apply to you.

Additionally, the Local Government Act 2020 requires candidates to complete prescribed training to nominate for election. Further details are available at Local Government Victoria.

Useful resources for potential candidates are included below:

Gender Equality on Council

Women currently comprise 44% of Wellington Shire’s councillors. Council continues to encourage greater participation of women in local government.

Council supports a 50/50 gender representation in our governing body for our Council by 2025 in line with the targets set by the Minister for Local Government, which is a key action in our Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-25.

Wellington Shire Council was pleased to be identified as one of the 31 target municipalities where the State Government offered a funded Women Leading Locally Fellowship Program.

Useful resources for potential candidates are included below:

Election Period Policy

The purpose of the Election Period Policy is to outline the continuation of the ordinary business of Council throughout the election period in a responsible and transparent manner, in accordance with statutory requirements and best practice. The policy aims to ensure that elections are conducted in an ethical, fair and equitable manner and are publicly perceived as such.

During the 2024 Council general elections, the election period will start on Tuesday 24 September 2024 and finish at 6:00pm on election day, Saturday 26 October 2024.

Election Campaign Donation Returns

The Election Campaign Donation Returns document from the 2020 general election is available for download on the link below and provides details of any gifts received by the candidate, or on behalf of the candidate.

This is during the election period, used for or in connection with the election campaign and includes goods or services.

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There are currently no public alerts issued by Council.

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