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If you are planning on hosting an event in the Wellington Shire, it is your responsibility to ensure that the event complies with all current rules and regulations, not only those required by us but other agencies, ie emergency services such as Police, Ambulance, CFA and SES.

For Wellington Shire Council purposes, an event is defined as a public and/or social gathering of people for a community or commercial function or activity.

Event Guide and Checklist

Our Event Guide is an informative document that contains detailed information on how to host an event.

The below checklist will assist in ensuring you have all the relevant information required for organising a successful event.

  1. All food traders listed on Streatrader  
  2. Organised First Aid
  3. Attained a Victorian Liquor Licence
  4. Organised a risk assessment/emergency plan
  5. Informed Emergency Services
  6. Contacted WorkSafe about Fireworks  
  7. Contacted VicRoads about road closures, traffic impacts or signage  
  8. Included details of camping on private land
  9. Organised appropriate number of toilets and amenities depending on the size and type of event. Refer to the Wellington Shire Council Event Guide, Section 5.8, for ratios
  10. Organised ground maintenance/rubbish removal
  11. Contacted EPA about noise impacts  
  12. Contacted surrounding neighbours to advise of your event and possible impacts

Notification of Events within Council

Wellington Shire Council has an Events Coordination Team who can coordinate Council's requirements for operating your event.

For any event that requires Council's involvement, please submit an Event Notification Form. This form should be submitted at least one month prior to the event date. For major events, it is recommended that forms be submitted at least three months prior to the event.

You can also download a hard copy Event Notification Form and return it by email to, in person or by post to your nearest Service Centre or to Wellington Shire Council.

This enables the Events Coordination Team to act as a liaison point between event organisers and relevant departments of Council that may be involved.

Event Equipment Loans

Council's event equipment loans are currently unavailable due to COVID-19. Please check back soon for updates.

Food at your Event

If selling food, the Event Notification Form requires you to list all food traders at your event and the type of food they are selling. All food traders must be registered at Streattrader.

For information on serving food at your event, please see the Food Premises and Safety page.

Notifying Neighbours

Event organisers should liaise with residents and businesses in the vicinity of the event and/or those likely to be affected by the event as soon as practicable, but at least 7 days prior to the event.

Events Funding

Further information on event grants and funding is available from the Grants page.

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