Council Meetings


The 7 June 2022 Council meeting will be held in the Council chambers and you may attend the public gallery or watch and participate via the options below.

Wellington Shire Council meets at 3.00pm on the first Tuesday of each month and 6.00pm on the third Tuesday of each month.

Meetings may be watched live (or afterwards) on Wellington Shire Council's YouTube Channel.

Gallery/Chat Room questions, or questions regarding Agenda items, may be submitted online.

Council Meetings are live streamed for your convenience, and can be viewed by following the links in the Watch Live: Meeting Broadcast section below.

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David Morcom

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Communications and Media.

Julie Foat

General Manager Community and Culture
Arts and Culture, Community Wellbeing, Healthy Lifestyles, Leisure Services.

Arthur Skipitaris

General Manager Corporate Services
Finance, Information Services, Organisation Development, Business Improvement.

Brent McAlister

General Manager Development
Land Use Planning, Economic Development, Municipal Services, Customer Service.

Chris Hastie

General Manager Built and Natural Environment
Assets and Projects, Built Environment, Natural Environment and Parks.
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2022 Council Meeting Schedule

June 2022

Tuesday 7 June, 3.00pm
Tuesday 21 June, 6.00pm

July 2022

Tuesday 5 July, 3.00pm
Tuesday 19 July, 6.00pm

August 2022

Tuesday 2 August, 3.00pm
Tuesday 16 August, 6.00pm

September 2022

Tuesday 6 September, 3.00pm
Tuesday 20 September, 6.00pm

October 2022

Tuesday 4 October, 3.00pm
Tuesday 18 October, 6.00pm

November 2022

Wednesday 2 November, 3.00pm (including the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor)
Tuesday 15 November, 6.00pm

December 2022

Tuesday 6 December, 3.00pm
Tuesday 20 December, 6.00pm

Watch Live: Meeting Broadcast

Wellington Shire Council uses its YouTube Channel to broadcast Council Meetings live. Watching these meetings is a free service, and you do not require a YouTube account.

Do you have a Question or Comment for the Council Meeting?

Addressing an Agenda Item

If you would like to ask a question or make a comment in relation to an Agenda item please complete the Council Meeting Question or Comment Submission Form no later than 1:00pm on the day of the meeting. Please note that the Mayor may choose to reply in writing.

Asking a General Question or making a Comment during the Council Meeting

If you would like to ask a General Question or make a Comment during the live broadcast of the Council Meeting, not addressing a particular Agenda Item, please complete the Council Meeting Question or Comment Submission Form or email your question or comment to prior to 'Further Gallery and Online Comments' section of the Council Meeting.

If the question or comment is deemed appropriate, it will be read aloud to the Councillors by the Chief Executive Officer during the 'Further Gallery and Online Comments' section of the Council Meeting. A response to the question or comment will be issued in accordance with Council's Customer Service Charter. Please note that the Mayor may choose to reply in writing.

Rules for Public Questions or Comments

For a question or comments to be considered at an Ordinary Council Meeting, the following requirements must be met:

  • Must focus on an issue within Councils powers to act;
  • Must not name, allude to, or focus on an individual;
  • No more than two questions and/or comments (including combinations thereof or asked in parts) are able to be submitted per person for any one Council Meeting Agenda item.

Questions or comments that meet one or more of the following criteria will not be answered at a Council Meeting:

  • Repetitive or has already been answered (previously either by Officers in writing or at a Council Meeting);
  • Relates to a matter for which the meeting would normally be closed under Section 66(2) of the Local Government Act 2020;
  • Concerns matters deemed to be confidential under Section 77 of the Local Government Act 1989;
  • Is prejudicial to the Council or any other person if answered;
  • Relates to the personal views or actions of an individual Councillor or Council Officer;
  • Relates to a matter that is the subject of negotiation, litigation or commercial interest/advantage;
  • Is defamatory, indecent, abusive, irrelevant, trivial or objectionable in language or nature;
  • Is considered trivial or vexatious or it is more appropriate to direct to Council Officers during normal business hours.

If a question cannot be answered by the CEO or another Senior Council Officer during the meeting, a written response will be prepared in accordance with the service standard for written correspondence set out in Council's Customer Service Commitment.

Archived Council Meeting Broadcasts

Archived versions of Council Meeting broadcasts are also accessible on Wellington Shire Council's YouTube Channel, in the Archived Meetings section. Should you require access to an archived Council Meeting that is not included on the YouTube Channel please contact Council.

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There are currently no public alerts issued by Council.

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