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The Community Collaborations Program provides communities with a range of opportunities and pathways to realise successful community-led projects.

The role of Wellington Shire Council within the Community Collaborations Program is to provide a bridge to the advice and support needed for a community-led project to be successful. This may include advice on how to progress a project idea or gain access to training programs or support that builds the capacity of communities to successfully create, develop and manage their own projects. It may also be to provide advice and/or connections regarding appropriate state or local authorities for support, guidance and possible funding.

As part of this service, where there is a direct alignment with Council's strategies and policies, Council may also participate in the work of the community project.  

Within this Program, the definition of community/communities encompasses:

  1. Communities of interest and/or identity: where people share a particular interest, characteristic or experience; and
  2. Place-based communities: where people identify with a defined geographical area.

Accessing the Community Collaborations Program

Whether you simply need advice on how to begin a community-based project or have commenced the process of building a project within your community, Council may be able to provide guidance towards your next steps. This may be advice on the consultation process and how to build consensus and partnerships within your community, identification of guiding resources and training or how to advance your project with other specific organisations and where appropriate, how to develop a project with Council itself.

Forms and Resources

The Community Collaborations program guidelines and application form is provided in a fillable format (you can type directly into the form) with options for digital signature included. The application form should only be completed following discussion with the program team about your idea and when Council is identified as an appropriate project partner. The application form provides details to Council for consideration of support options for your proposed project.

Please visit the links below to access helpful community collaboration resources.

Note: Library community resources provide library members with access to helpful books, available to borrow from any library or outreach library service. Each set includes 8 titles to help you create a successful community-led group or project.

Upcoming Community Sessions

Check back here later for any Upcoming Community Sessions.

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