Council Plan


The Council Plan sets the strategic actions, priorities, and key projects for Council to deliver over the next four years. It was developed with significant community consultation during 2021 and aligns with the long-term goals the community have expressed in the Wellington 2031 Community Vision.

The Council Plan centres around five priority areas:

  • Climate change
  • Economy in transition
  • Partnering with Gunaikurnai
  • Sustainable population growth and housing choice
  • Better access to key services

Wellington Shire Council has identified Climate Change as our number one priority, recognising that temperature increases, lower rainfall, more frequent bushfires, more intense flooding, and sea level rises will have a significant impact on our community.

The Council Plan has a focus on attracting new industry, particularly renewable energy, and facilitating growth in our major towns. Equity and access to services across all parts of our population are also highlighted in a range of initiatives within the plan.

The four Strategic Directions define the actions Council will take to achieve these and other community priorities. They are centred under the headings of:

  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Economy and Sustainable Growth
  • Liveability and Wellbeing
  • Services and Infrastructure

These priorities and Strategic Directions will keep us focused on our regional advantages and community aspirations. This Council Plan will provide Council, its staff, key partners and stakeholders and the community with a clear line of sight from the 2031 Community Vision to daily action. We will report our progress back to the community through regular Council Reports in addition to the Annual Report.

The Council Plan 2021-25 can be found at the link below.

2017-21 Council Plan

2021-25 Council Plan

2021-25 Council Plan

2017-21 Council Plan

2021-25 Council Plan

2017-21 Council Plan

2017-21 Council Plan

2021-25 Council Plan

2017-21 Council Plan

2021-25 Council Plan

David Morcom

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Communications and Media.

Andrew Pomeroy

General Manager Development
Land Use Planning, Economic Development, Municipal Services, Customer Service.

Clem Gillings

General Manager Community and Culture
Arts and Culture, Communities, Facilities & Emergencies, Leisure Services.

Arthur Skipitaris

General Manager Corporate Services
Finance, Information Services, Organisation Development, Business Improvement.

Chris Hastie

General Manager Built and Natural Environment
Assets and Projects, Built Environment, Natural Environment and Parks.
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