Wellington Shire Council is committed to ensuring that the amenity and safety of the community is maintained when using buildings and places of public entertainment.

Our Building Services team ensures that our responsibilities under the Building Act and Regulations are fulfilled. This includes recording all building permits issued within the municipality, providing property information to building practitioners, solicitors and conveyancers.

Our Municipal Building Surveyor deals with outstanding permits, investigates breaches to building legislation, assesses applications for report and consent and heritage demolition, undertakes Essential Safety measures and swimming pool inspections and provides advice.

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Building Fees

  • Building Permit Lodgement Fees (Commercial and Domestic): $130.90
  • Rescode Variation: $311.80
  • Applications for Build over Easement: $311.80
  • Other Report and Consent (As per Building Regulations 2006): $311.80
  • Hoarding Permits: $316.40
  • Heritage or Demolition Response (Section29A): $91.40
  • Property Information Request: $50.70
  • Stormwater Discharge Point Request: $155.30
  • Building Plan/Documents Search Fee: $72.30
  • Building Plan Copy Fee: $98.00
  • Copy of Building Permit, Occupancy Permit or Certificate of Final Inspection: $43.50
  • Regulation 51 Building Requests (Parts 1, 2 & 3): $50.70 per part
  • Places of Public Entertainment (POPE) Siting Approval and Occupancy Permit: $368.00
  • Swimming Pool Inspection: $370.00 (For more information on Swimming Pools click here).

Building Surveyors

In accordance with our Procurement Policy, Wellington Shire Council does not recommend, or provide, contact information for Private Building Surveyors.

For further information regarding Private Practitioners please contact the Victorian Building Authority.

Essential Services Management

Essential services are the fire and safety systems required in public buildings to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire or emergency.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

An Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) should be prepared and made available adjacent to exit doors throughout the building. The EEP should include a floor plan of the building and indicate assembly points and exit doors together with the location of fire extinguishers and hose reels. Emergency telephone numbers and basic instructions for evacuation should also be included.

Essential Services Checklists

Download and print off the registers and checklists below and use them to monitor the essential services in your building to certify ongoing maintenance requirements are met.

Siting Provisions

The Siting Provisions information available for download below covers guidelines for siting and design of single dwellings and outbuildings within the Wellington Shire.

Regulation requirements addressed include minimum and maximum street setbacks, building height, site coverage, permeability, side and rear setbacks, walls on boundaries, daylight to existing and new habitable room windows, private open spaces and overlooking and fence heights.

Information is also available regarding applying for dispensation.

Shipping Containers

It is legal for a shipping container to be placed on your property in Wellington Shire, providing the appropriate permit is obtained.

Shipping containers are classified under the Building Regulations as sheds, therefore a Building Permit is required for all shipping containers prior to them being placed on any property.

The only time a shipping container is exempt from obtaining a Building Permit is if a Building Permit for the construction of a dwelling or commercial building has already been issued. In this case a shipping container may be used as a Site Shed or used for storage of materials however the container must be removed from site once the building work is completed."

Shipping containers may be modified and used as places of residence or for business purposes, subject to Council Approval, including Planning Permit and Building Permit requirements. Before proceeding with this option, it is best to contact the Municipal Building Surveyor at Wellington Shire Council to discuss what is required for your particular property or business.

Failure to obtain the correct permit before placing a shipping container on your property will result in a fine being issued.

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