Green Waste Disposal


Council is currently planning for the introduction of a Green Bin. At present, Council does not provide a Green Bin collection service.

A Green Bin is Coming

Council is currently in the planning process for the introduction of a green waste and food organics bin as part of kerbside services. In the meantime, if you are unable to take your green waste to our waste facilities (fees apply) you can put it in your landfill bin.

Unfortunately, green and organic waste that is sent to landfill produces methane, which is one of our more potent greenhouse gases. Putting green waste and organics into your landfill bin should be your option of last resort.

Green waste collected at our transfer stations is transported to Kilmany and processed by Towards Zero. The processed material (soil conditioner) is available for purchase at Kilmany Resource Recovery Centre.  

Alternatively, composting may be a good option to process your own waste into a fertiliser for your own garden. 

We will be providing further information of the new Green Bin service in the coming year. An important component of a transition to a Food Organics Green Organics collection is a well-planned and thorough community engagement/education program.

Taking Green Waste to a Landfill or Transfer Station

Green waste can be taken to all our Waste Facilities, excluding Dargo Transfer Station. Fees for green waste can be viewed on our Waste Disposal (Tip) Fees page.  


No-Fee Green Waste Disposal

To assist the community with fire preparation efforts, Wellington Shire Council may offer no-fee green waste disposal at our Waste Facilities in Kilmany, Maffra, Loch Sport, Seaspray, Heyfield, Stratford and Yarram during November. This is on an as needed basis to be determined by Council.

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