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Wellington Shire Council is authorised to conduct Australian Citizenship Ceremonies, which are held quarterly.

Australian Citizenship Applications

All citizenship applications and enquiries are managed by the Department of Home Affairs.

Upon successful completion of your Citizenship Application, you will receive a Letter of Approval from the Department of Home Affairs, advising of your eligibility to become an Australian citizen. The Department of Home Affairs will advise successful applicants of their Citizenship Ceremony date.

Citizenship Ceremony

The Citizenship Ceremony is conducted by Wellington Shire Council, under the authority of the Minister for Home Affairs. Australian citizenship represents full and formal membership of the community of the Commonwealth of Australia, and Australian citizenship is a common bond, involving reciprocal rights and obligations, uniting all Australians, while respecting their diversity.

Following a Pledge of Commitment, your Australian Citizenship will be officially granted and a certificate will be presented. Family and friends are welcome to attend Citizenship Ceremonies.

Smart casual dress is required to be worn at the Citizenship Ceremony, reflective of the importance of the occasion. National or cultural attire is welcome, and appropriate footwear must be worn by all attendees.

Citizenship Ceremony dates are not published on this website, and you will not be advised of your Citizenship Ceremony date by Wellington Shire Council. The date of your Citizenship Ceremony and required details will be provided to you on your Letter of Approval from the Department of Home Affairs.

Refugee Welcome Declaration

Wellington Shire Council welcomes refugees into our community and we value and acknowledge the contributions they make to Australian society. The Refugee Welcome Declaration is a formal statement by Council to reinforce the importance of strong, involved communities which is a theme in the Wellington 2030 Community Vision:

"We know and support each other and have a strong sense of community belonging. Diversity is respected and there are many social and community activities providing opportunities for all people to interact... "

Our community has told us the things they love most about Wellington are the friendly people, communities that care for each other and small town rural living. We want to ensure this friendliness and support is experienced by all newcomers to Wellington, including those from refugee and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Wellington Shire Council endorses and supports the intention and commitments of this Declaration.

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