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Amendment C116

What is Amendment C116?

Planning Scheme Amendment C116 proposes to amend the Wellington Planning Scheme by rezoning Precincts 9 and 10 of the Longford Development Plan from the Farming Zone (FZ) to the Rural Living Zone - Schedule 5 (RLZ5).

The land affected by the Amendment is located to the east of the (unmade) Cobb Road - between the Longford-Loch Sport Road (Northern Boundary) and Andrews Road (Southern Boundary) (see Figure 1 below).

Figure 1: Precincts 9 and 10 in the Context of the Longford Development Plan

The rezoning of the land would facilitate the future creation of approximately 180 ‘rural lifestyle’ blocks of a minimum 6,000m2 and average lot size of 7,000m2.

As part of the proposed Amendment, a new Development Plan Overlay - Schedule 14 (DPO14) is proposed to be applied, which will ensure any future subdivision accords with the requirements of the Longford Development Plan, which is the overarching masterplan for development within Longford.  The Longford Development Plan can be viewed using the following link:

The amendment also applies the Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO) to a confined area of the land, which will result in the need for an environmental audit of the area to be completed prior to any future rural residential development commencing.

Current Status

At the Ordinary meeting of 21 June 2022, Council resolved to seek Authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare and formally exhibit Amendment C116.

Authorisation from the Minister for Planning was granted on 1 November 2022.

The Amendment is currently on public notice, with submissions closing on 20 January 2023.  

Further information is available via the attached links

Please note that the information available on this website does not comprise all available documents available for public inspection.  All available documents can be inspected:

  • during office hours, at the office of the planning authority, Wellington Shire Council, 18 Desailly Street, Sale Vic 3850
  • or on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website here.

Further Information

For further information on this Amendment, please contact a member of the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 366 244.

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