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North Sale Development Plan
Project Status: Open
Project Status: Completed

Mesh planning consultants have been appointed by the Wellington Shire Council to prepare the North Sale Development Plan (DP) and associated Developer Contributions Plan (DCP) for the North Sale Growth Area (NGA).

The requirement for the preparation of the DP is a recommendation of the ‘Sale, Wurruk and Longford Structure Plan’ (the Structure Plan), which was formally adopted by Council in September 2010.

What is the North Sale Development Plan?

DP’s are a useful and important tool for landowners, developers, Council and the community to assist in ensuring that a coordinated approach is taken to planning for new communities within the Shire. With the benefit of assessing an urban growth area on a more holistic level, DP’s can unlock the potential of a site based on its context and relationship with adjoining land uses rather than creating development through a piecemeal and ad-hoc approach.  As such, when worked through logically, the DP process can ensure a smooth transition to the planning permit and implementation phases.

What is the Developer Contributions Plan?

DCP’s are a means of fairly and equitably apportioning the costs associated with the infrastructure required to support the future development of the NGA. The DCP will assist in facilitating:

  • The effective delivery and use of required social and physical infrastructure
  • Promotion of connectivity with adjacent areas
  • Provision of adequate and efficient open spaces
  • Delivery of pedestrian and cycle linkages, and
  • Easier access to established or new community and commercial activities and employment.

Together, the DP and DCP will establish a complete framework for the sustainable growth of the NGA and articulate strategies to support growth to 2035. It will also serve to guide urban growth and change in North Sale so as to provide a high level of certainty for investors, business, Council and the community.

The Process

There are three key stages in the preparation of the Development Plan:

  1. Site Analysis: The site analysis identifies and maps the existing conditions within the Growth Area and is used to inform the draft design response.
  2. Draft Analysis and Design Response Plan: The draft Analysis and Design Response plan demonstrates a transparent transition from the Site and Context Analysis to the Development Plan itself, in the form of a structural layout. The draft Analysis and Design Response stage seeks to resolve the location of residential and non-residential land uses and key connections with the benefit of all of the Site and Context Analysis information.
  3. Final Development Plan

Once the DP has been finalised work can commence on the DCP to assess the infrastructure required to facilitate development and growth and the way in which costs can be apportioned in a fair and equitable way across the Growth Area.

Current Status

Stage 3: Following the completion of the public exhibition of the Draft North Sale Development Plan, all submissions received were reviewed and where considered appropriate to do so, have been used to inform revisions made during the preparation of the Final North Sale Development Plan. The final DP has also been informed by the recommendations from extensive drainage modelling and a detailed traffic assessment study (funded by the Victorian Planning Authority), below.

The final DP was adopted by Council at its meeting of 17 April 2018.  

Next Steps

On the basis that the DP has been adopted by Council, detailed work will commence on an appropriate contributions mechanism to equitably apportion infrastructure costs across the whole of the Growth Area.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Barry Hearsey (Coordinator Strategic Planning) on 1300 366 244 or email

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021