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Peacocks to stay at Sale Botanic Gardens
September 18, 2018

Wellington Shire Council has no plans to remove wild peacocks from Sale Botanic Gardens.

Contrary to a local protest campaign, Council has never considered and will not remove the peacocks from the gardens as part of the Garden for Life project.

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Carolyn Crossley said Council was working with an independent ecologist to ensure the natural habitat of the wild birds would be protected and enhanced.

“The Garden for Life is an exciting project that will draw together the history of humans sharing this beautiful space with other living things, including the peacocks.

“The peacocks are wild and have not been actively managed for many decades.”

Cr Crossley said it was unfortunate Council’s comments that it did not actively maintain the wild birds, was misconstrued that they would be removed.

“We understand that everyone loves the peacocks, as do we, and we are working with an independent ecologist to ensure the habitat and breeding conditions of the peacocks are maintained.

“Whilst some people believe that the fence protects the peacocks from predators, regular visitors to the gardens will understand that the birds live happily throughout the gardens and are not constrained by any fences.

“This can be confirmed by many who live close to the gardens who regularly experience peacocks roosting in their gardens.

“The peacocks are also ground nesters, and they nest in all parts of the gardens and are very good at protecting their young from predators.”

Council is currently waiting on the ecologist’s advice and will take that advice to work in the best interests of the peacocks.

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