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From 17 October items sourced from outside the Wellington library network will be temporarily unavailable following changes to Public Libraries Victoria courier services.

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Members can borrow and return resources, participate in programs and access internet, fax, scanning, printing and copying facilities.

Library membership is free

Anyone with proof of residential address who agrees to the Terms of Borrowing and Membership below may become a member. Children and young adults under 18 years of age require the signature of parent or guardian to become a member. You must  present your membership card to borrow resources or to verify access to our online resources.

Library Membership may be made online by completing the Wellington Library Registration Form.

Resources available:

  • Books
  • Audio-books
  • E-Resources
  • DVDs
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Large print books

No more overdue fines

Wellington Libraries are no longer collecting overdue fines on any library items, including books and DVDs. If you have an overdue item that you have avoided returning due to overdue fees, please contact your nearest library or email and we can help.

Charges will still be in place for lost or damaged books, please see Fees and Charges below for more information.

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You can borrow up to 30 items for 4 weeks.

You can place up to 20 items on hold or renew items once before their due date in person or by phone during opening hours, or online using your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You cannot renew items on loan and reserved by another member. You can hold items from other branches of our library services or other consortium libraries and they will be delivered to your branch at no cost.

Fees and Charges apply to printing, covering and replacement of lost books (see Fees and Charges below).

Inter-Library Loans

Library loans enable you to search resources in Victorian and interstate libraries. Resources can be requested with the Send a Request link from our catalogue or here.

Please ensure you have searched for an item at all Libraries Victoria Consortium libraries in our own library catalogue before requesting it with an inter-library loan from elsewhere.

Fees may apply.

Internet & Wifi

Access is free, bookings are required. All users must comply with the guidelines below.

Computer Guidelines for Library Users

Books are not the only source of information at the Wellington Shire Library. Computer and internet services are also available to our patrons to ensure equal and free online access. The World Wide Web provides a means to access facts and data far beyond the Library's own collections.

Each branch, including the Mobile Library, provides free access to PCs for personal, study or research use. This can include general surfing of the internet, online databases, electronic resources and web-based email. All PCs also have Word Processing, Ancestry genealogy records as well.

These PCs are a shared resource, so all Library users are expected to use these technology facilities in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which they are provided.

Wireless connections for laptop owners are available for free at all branches except the Mobile Library.

Internet and Wireless Access Conditions of Use

This internet facility is provided in a public environment, and its use must meet general community standards. Library patrons must not deliberately access illegal, inappropriate, offensive, controversial, restricted or inappropriate material. If such material is accidentally located on the internet, you must exit that site immediately.

Users must not transmit any material or mail which is illegal, harassing or likely to offend from these computers. Sending, receiving, or displaying undesirable information (text or graphics) on the internet will result in that person being unable to use the internet computer facilities in the Library.

The Library does not monitor and has no control over information accessed globally via the Internet and therefore cannot guarantee the reliability, accuracy or appropriateness of the information retrieved. Sending credit card numbers, account numbers, your name, address or other private information via the Internet is undertaken at the user's risk.


Please see staff at the desk to register your session. You will need your member card, or some other ID. This service can be popular so it's best to pre-book to ensure a PC at a suitable date and time. Bookings can be made over the phone or in person. If you wish to cancel or change your booking please phone staff at that branch. Bookings may be reallocated during periods of high demand if not taken within ten minutes of the booking start time. Staff can get first time internet users started - let us know when you make your booking that you'd like a hand. If you need training, staff can tell you where to find out about courses.

Online Databases

As a member, the Library provides you with access to Ancestry genealogical information. This database is available on-site from branch libraries.

Other Technology

The Library has PCs available for patron use, which includes word processing, spread-sheet, database and presentations software. You can type up and print out professional looking business flyers, resumes, school assignments and spreadsheets.

Our staff will be pleased to assist if you are having difficulties; however you are expected to be self sufficient in the use of the PC hardware, software and the Internet. Generally time constraints mean that staff are not able to teach you how to use these resources, but may only be able to provide you with some basic guidance.

Printing in black and white is available from each terminal at all branches. Some libraries offer colour printing. Printing fees do apply. Faxing and photocopying services are also available.

Microfilm Readers/Printers are available at Sale and Yarram libraries to view old newspapers for research.

Sale Library has the Board Maker program which is excellent for creating communication books, social stories and visual schedules.

General Conditions of Use

You can book for 1 hour sessions at all branches except Sale Library (30 minutes applies). This may be extended if the PC is not required by another user. Maximum session time is 3 hours.

If you arrive late for your booking, you must still finish at the specified time to allow the next person to take their booked spot.

Every endeavour will be made to provide reasonable access for all patrons with bookings; however, the Library reserves the right to cancel a booking should it become necessary to do so.

Users are not permitted to attempt to bypass network security, nor to adjust, change or tamper with settings on the workstations or printers.

Users must respect and comply with all copyright laws and licensing agreements pertaining to software, files and other resources obtained via the Internet.

Use of the computer facilities is entirely at the user's own risk. The Library will not accept responsibility for any damage of data due to viruses and other causes.

Fees and Charges

Facilities are available at all branches at costs identified in the table below.

  • A4 Photocopying and Printing from PC's 20c per page (mono)
  • A3 Photocopying and Printing from PC's 40c per page (mono)
  • A4 Photocopying and Printing from PC's 80c per page (colour)
  • A3 Photocopying and Printing from PC's $1.50 per page (colour)
  • A4 Microfilm Printing (Sale and Yarram Libraries) 20c per page
  • Interlibrary Loans - Search Fee $4.30 per book
  • Interlibrary Loans - Transfer $29.50 per book
  • National Facsimile Fees $5.50 (First page)
  • National Facsimile Fees $1.40 per page (Additional pages)
  • Overseas Facsimile Fees $11.00 (First page)
  • Overseas Facsimile Fees $2.70 per page (Additional pages)
  • Library Receiving Faxes $1.40 per page
  • Mini-earphones $5.40
  • A4 Laminating $2.00 per page
  • A3 Laminating $3.50 per page
  • Book Covering (standard sizes) $11.00
  • Binding Repairs (Thin Book approx. 10 mins) $11.00
  • Binding Repairs (Thick Book approx. 15 mins) $16.00
  • Replacement Membership Cards $3.60
  • Replacement CD for Talking Book Set RRP
  • Lost Book or Audio Visual Item RRP

Terms of Borrowing and Membership

A Library card must be presented to borrow items, as it assures accuracy of your records. A change of name, address or contact details must be notified as soon as possible. An email address helps us contact you and reduce costs.


  • Up to 30 items can be borrowed for 4 weeks, from any affiliated Libraries Victoria library, and returned to any Libraries Victoria Library.
  • Items are automatically renewed before they become overdue unless they have reached their renewal limit or have been requested by other borrowers.
  • If another patron has requested the item you have on loan, renewal is not possible. Items must be returned by the due date.
  • We send courtesy notices for Auto-Renewals and Overdues. Charges are imposed for damaged or lost items but not overdue items.

By signing the back of the library card, you are subject to Local Law No. 3 of Wellington Shire Council and agree to abide by the following conditions:

  • You undertake to pay for any library materials in your care which are lost or damaged including processing fees.
  • Your behaviour must not be detrimental to the health and safety or affect the enjoyment of Library facilities by others.
  • Not to hold the Library responsible for any information accessed, or responsible for the suitability of any library materials you borrow.
  • The Wellington Shire Library does not accept responsibility for items selected by children.
  • Not to use computer systems and networks at the library for any improper or illegal activities.
  • To respect and preserve community assets and facilities.

Privacy and Data Guidelines

In accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, the Wellington Shire Library only collects personal information necessary to provide you with Library services.

This information allows us to keep track of our resources, to contact you about holds or remind you of overdue loans. We cannot provide Library services without the provision of this information.

We will not disclose your personal information to a third party, including State bodies or authorities (without your consent), except for borrowing of items from other Libraries Victoria libraries, or if the release is authorised by law. Patron details are only accessible to staff when providing Library Services.

You can inspect your patron records by entering your barcode number via the My Account link on the online Catalogue.

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