Our Plan of Sustainable Action


We are taking large and small actions within Council and out in the community, to work towards a sustainable future and the environment has been recognised as a key strategic area to achieve our visions for the Wellington Shire.

We are pleased to present Council’s achievements towards the Sustainability Strategy below. This easy-to-navigate online report documents the progress and highlights made as we continue our journey to be a leader in sustainability. The report addresses the key themes in the Sustainability Strategy, and captures ongoing work and completed projects.

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Where it Started

Council first adopted a local Environmental Sustainability Strategy Priority Statement in March 2010 as a requirement of signing up to the Victorian Local Sustainability Accord in 2009 and followed with our first targeted strategy in 2011.

In March 2020 we endorsed the Sustainability Strategy 2020-24 which sets out our priorities and proposed actions for the next four years. It is centred around 5 key themes:

  • Climate Resilient Communities
  • Low Carbon Economy
  • Protecting Nature
  • Towards a Circular Economy
  • Environmental Stewardship

We are accelerating our actions and for the first time have included an emissions reduction target and a program to improve climate adaptation of our infrastructure and services.

Our actions to reduce Council’s impact on the environment

Solar on Council Buildings Program

Council is investing in the installation of around 400kw of solar between 2021-2025 to reduce Council's carbon emissions.

Green Transport

Wellington is commencing its transition to electric and hybrid vehicle technology. The Urban Paths Plan supports our goals to increase environmentally friendly active travel and connectivity.

Water Management

Visit the Water Management page to learn more about creating sustainable water systems for our towns.

Greening Wellington (Urban Forest Plan)

We are currently developing our Urban Forest Plan and Significant Tree Register. We look forward to showcasing this in the near future.

Waste Management

We are currently developing our Waste Strategic Directions which will help guide us into the future of the circular economy. Council will be implementing a Food Organics Green Organics bin and will be supporting the state governments implementation of a Container Deposit Scheme in line with Recycling Victoria: A new Economy.

Reporting Our Progress

We are pleased to present Council’s annual sustainability report below. The report documents the progress and highlights made as we continue our journey to be a leader in sustainability. The report addresses the key themes in the Sustainability Strategy, however please note that the actions delivered may have progressed since publication. Correct as at 31 July 2021.

Partners and Alliances

Council has strategic partnerships that assist with our sustainable directions. These include:

  • Cities Power Partnership: Australia’s fastest growing national climate change program for local government, representing over 70 local Councils.
  • Take2: Is Victoria's collective pledge initiative to act on climate change to help Victoria reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Wellington Shire Council took the pledge in 2017.
  • Gippsland Climate Change Network: Is one of a network of regional greenhouse alliances across Victoria representing Gippsland Council's and other organisations to respond to climate change through ongoing project development.
  • Sport Environment Alliance: Is a membership-based organisation that seeks to create a sustainable environment where sport can flourish into the future.
  • Sustainable Australia Fund: Is Australia’s leading provider of finance for businesses to upgrade their buildings to achieve savings through energy efficiencies.

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