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Mayor responds to the state government announcement on regional rail services
January 30, 2017

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Carolyn Crossley is extremely disappointed with the state government’s announcement about regional rail services.

She says: “Once again, there are no additional V/Line services to and from Sale.

“Gippsland continues to miss out on most of the rail upgrades that V/Line commuters have benefitted from on all other corridors. It has the most unreliable services, the slowest and most overcrowded trains.

“Like all Gippsland councils, Wellington Shire calls upon the State Government and V/line to invest in this vital infrastructure to provide Gippsland residents with a more reliable, more frequent and faster service consistent with other V/line corridors across the state. This is not just a matter of inconvenience, it is a road block to investment and development in our region.”

Mayor Crossley goes on to say: “A Gippsland Rail Needs Study Report was developed in October 2016 and presented to government outlining a number of recommendations and solutions to the Gippsland Line issues.”

“I strongly urge the government to seriously consider this report to meet the needs and expectations of Gippsland’s businesses, residents and visitors,” the Mayor concludes.

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