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Dundas Street South Special Charge Scheme to go ahead
March 21, 2017

Having considered the written objection and report from the Submissions Committee in relation to the Dundas Street South Special Charge Scheme between Cunninghame and Macarthur Streets in Sale, Council determined at its meeting on Tuesday 21 March, to adopt the scheme.

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Carolyn Crossley said: “In line with requirements of the special charge scheme process, the single objector was provided the opportunity to present their views at a special committee held on Monday 6 February.

“This is an important process which allows people to have their concerns heard by a committee of Councillors. While several issues were raised and discussed, none of these were considered to jeopardise the integrity of the scheme, which is well supported by a large majority of property owners.

“Following consideration of the objection, the committee recommended that the objection should not stop the scheme being considered for adoption by Council. Council has now considered this recommendation and formally declared the special charge scheme for Dundas Street South.”

Implementation of this project will provide a significant improvement for property owners and residents, as it will realise a fully constructed road and underground drainage in Dundas Street, between Cunninghame Street and Macarthur Street. This area currently has unsealed road shoulders and unformed verges with open drains.

This special charge scheme has been prepared in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989, Council’s Special Charge Schemes – Roads, Street & Drainage Development Policy 4.2.4 and the Residential Road and Road and Street Construction Plan.

The objector has the option of referring the decision to the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) if they choose to.

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