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Council calls for ideas to improve life during the pandemic
July 23, 2021

Wellington Shire Council is calling on residents to share their concerns and suggestions about living well during the COVID-19 pandemic, via the Living Well During COVID-19 Survey. The survey will shape the Living Well During COVID-19 Plan, which will chart a course from responding to the virus to living well at a time of pandemic.

“The pandemic has taken a toll on Wellington residents’ mental and physical well-being,” Wellington Shire Council Mayor Garry Stephens said.

“Council understands that people want to feel secure and to be able to socialise again, so the survey will encourage respondents to share their suggestions on improving daily life,” Cr Stephens said.

Living well also means working well. Businesses have lost incomes, workers have lost jobs, and essential services have been disrupted, so paid and volunteer work, study and even some hobbies will also be addressed by the survey and plan.

Wellington residents have expressed concern about plans to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic – from the vaccine rollout and testing to issues around physical wellbeing – so the survey will take suggestions relating to our frontline defences against the virus.

The Wellington Living Well During COVID-19 Plan is not a recovery plan. A plan for a post-COVID-19 recovery will come later, but the current survey will inform what a recovery phase might address.

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