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Sale Western Growth Area - Final Wurruk Development Plan
Project Status: Open
Project Status: Completed

A Development Plan is a design tool, which illustrates preferred development outcomes and identifies the necessary key infrastructure required to facilitate development of a large area of land in a co-ordinated and integrated manner. It prevents a piecemeal approach to development and avoids poor land use planning outcomes, which can lead to disjointed and underserviced growth.

The Development Plan sits between the high-level planning direction provided by the ‘Sale, Wurruk and Longford Structure Plan (2010)’, and detailed planning permit applications for subdivision and development, which are lodged by development proponents.

As a long-established area identified for future residential growth within the ‘Sale, Wurruk and Longford Structure Plan’, the land subject to the Wurruk Development Plan was rezoned with the approval of the Minister for Planning via Planning Scheme Amendment C84, in April 2018 to allow residential development to occur. The fundamental principle of residential development on the land has therefore been formally established in legislation.

As a requirement of the Wellington Planning Scheme, the Wurruk Development Plan has been prepared to demonstrate, in detail, how the land can be developed for residential purposes, in accordance with the relevant planning provisions. The ‘Sale Western Growth Area - Wurruk Development Plan’, has been prepared in response to the requirements Clause 43.04_9 of the Wellington Planning Scheme: Development Plan Overlay – Schedule 9 (DPO9).

A well-formulated Development Plan serves as a ‘linking’ tool between the established planning direction and on the ground development outcomes and in doing so, aims to guide Council, development proponents and the community on how the West Sale Growth Area should be developed over time.

Documents associated with the preparation of the final Wurruk Development Plan are available to view below.

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Next Steps

The final Wurruk Development Plan was approved at the Ordinary Council meeting on Tuesday 21 June 2022.

Further Information

If you have any further questions regarding the Sale Western Growth Area - final Wurruk Development Plan, please contact the Strategic Planning Team on Tel: 1300 366 244 or Email:

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