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Your Wellington Your Say: One sign up, unlimited access
March 18, 2021

Which is why Council is calling on every local to sign up to Your Wellington Your Say, an engagement website that puts every Council project in one place – creating a one-stop-shop for community feedback.

Unlike reacting to posts on Facebook or Twitter, posting on Your Wellington Your Say gives locals a voice that gets listened to by connecting them to decision-makers. But just like Facebook or Twitter, signing up to Your Wellington Your Say only needs to be done once.  

Save your log-in name and password and you will never need to log in again.

Your Wellington Your Say gives every community member who wants to champion a local issue a place to be heard.  

It is all part of Wellington Shire Council’s commitment to local democracy, which will continue to include face-to-face meetings, such as drop-in sessions and community workshops, and a Council contact person assigned to every project. But there is no faster or easier way to have your say than to sign up to Your Wellington Your Say at

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