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Weed eater is hungry to help
February 7, 2022

It's almost five metres long, weighs more than a tonne, can move about on land, swamps and water, and is very hungry … for weeds.

Meet the Mobitrac amphibious harvester, a 'weed eater' which arrived in Wellington Shire this week to help clean up a big weed problem in the Port of Sale waterways.

A prolific build-up of weed, particularly in recent weeks, is making it difficult for some vessels to navigate the water.

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Ian Bye said Council had contracted the amphibious harvester following requests from Port of Sale users to remove the weed.

"Unfortunately the weed gets caught up in rowers' oars and boat motors, which can cause damage," Cr Bye said.

"It's been a particularly bad period for weed growth in the waterways in that area, so the harvester is spending the week 'eating' the weed to clear it up for users."

Wellington Shire Council has taken the lead on the issue, working with the Catchment Management Authority and Gippsland Ports. Council made the decision to contract the Mobitrac in an attempt to make the Port more accessible for users.

The amphibious harvester machine is able to cut and harvest aquatic weeds which are floating or submerged, as well as weeds growing on land that are encroaching on waterways.

The weed is naturally occurring, and the issue of excess growth will potentially return in the future due to environmental conditions.

Council is currently running a competition online to give the 'weed eater' a Wellington-specific name. Visit for more details.

The amphibious harvester gets to work, cleaning up weed which has grown in the Port of Sale waterways.

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