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Urgent call to pool owners following failed inspections
October 13, 2017

Owners of pools and spas in Wellington Shire are being urged to step up their compliance after 60% of inspections so far failing barrier regulations.

Council recently began its annual inspections of pools and spas to ensure they comply with the Building Interim Regulations 2017, which include a number of safety measures including adequate safety barriers/fences.

Wellington Shire Council General Manager Development John Websdale said officers had been disappointed to report that only 40% of those inspected so far have met these regulations.

“Inspectors have been surprised to find that the non-compliance issues have been quite serious, in that safety gates don’t operate correctly,” he said.

“Gates must be able to close from any position to ensure safety.

“This is often a simple five minute job to fix, but can result in total devastation if not done.”

Another example of non-compliance identified by inspectors has been the placing of climbable items within 900mm outside or 300mm inside the barrier or fence.

“These items are usually chairs, tables or pot plants,” Mr Websdale said.

“Water is a part of our lifestyles in Australia and we are lucky enough in Wellington to have parcels of land big enough to install pools and spas for our enjoyment.

“But with that privilege comes responsibility and no-one wants to hear of more drownings in pools this summer.

“If you decide to install a pool in your backyard, it is your responsibility to ensure that pool and its surrounds are safe.”

For further information about pool fencing laws, visit the Victorian Building Authority website at or KidSafe at

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