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Tree Removal Works – Thomson Street, Maffra
May 19, 2017

Wellington Shire Council will be undertaking tree removal works in Thomson Street, Maffra over the coming weeks.

Thomson Street features an avenue of prestigious English Oak trees that were planted in the 1920’s. There are also six large Elm trees situated at the Johnson Street end.

Council have undertaken careful inspection of the trees following substantial branch failures in a number of the English Elms, and plan to remove three of the Elms on the eastern side of the street next to Boisdale Glassworks. Significant corrective work has already been undertaken to maintain the three Elms on the adjacent side of the street. These works have delivered a decrease in overall height and width through targeted canopy reduction.

Wellington Shire Council General Manager Built & Natural Environment Chris Hastie said: “These Elm trees have a history of major limb failures most notably in the last three years. The Tree Assessment Report confirmed that the three trees on the eastern side of the street represent a high risk and are in such poor condition that they will need to be removed.”

“The decision to remove the identified trees has been made on the basis that the high-risk trees have significant damage and structural defects. There is a high risk of failure, especially during adverse weather conditions, that cannot be satisfactorily reduced by reasonable care.”

To preserve the leafy character of the street, the removed trees will be replanted with three metre tall English Oak trees which are the dominant avenue tree along the length of the street.

Prior to replanting, the site will be prepared by reducing soil compaction and the addition of soil amendments to assist strong growth. Vehicle access restrictions will apply to this site to prevent future soil compaction which will compromise growth.

Replanting is expected to occur over the coming months.

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