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Repurposing pool equipment for a sustainable future
January 19, 2024

To promote sustainability and resource efficiency, Wellington Shire Council is repurposing its existing plant equipment resulting from the redevelopment of Aqua Energy Leisure Centre in Sale.

The redevelopment has led to a surplus of equipment, including solar panels, a pump system, grandstand seating, and more. Solar panels have an estimated value of up to $100,000, and at just three years old, will be used to repurpose other Council-owned community facilities, and as part of future infrastructure projects throughout the Shire.

One example of this sustainable approach is the 25-meter chlorine dosing system, designed to automatically adjust and maintain water pH and chlorine levels. Valued at $10,000, this system has already found a new home at the Heyfield Outdoor Pool, serving as a cost-saving measure for Council.

Additionally, the strainer basket, which catches debris and prevents clogging in the pool's filtration system, will be repurposed at the Maffra Outdoor Pool.

Indoor grandstand seating is set to be relocated outdoors at the Sale Outdoor Pool to accommodate more spectators for swimming competitions, while the benches and other furniture have found a new home at the West Sale Pool in Fulham.

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Ian Bye said that Council’s commitment to repurposing excess plant equipment across our community facilities speaks volumes.

“It’s not just about the redevelopment, it’s about using a sustainable approach in everything we do and maximising the value of our existing community assets” Cr Bye said.  

For more information on the Aqua Energy Leisure Centre Redevelopment project, visit

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