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Position Statement: The CarbonNet Project
January 12, 2018

Carbon Capture and Storage

CarbonNet is managed by the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, and is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments.

Wellington Shire Council has been briefed by the Victorian Government on carbon capture and storage opportunities on several occasions over the past 2 years.

Both Federal and State Governments have advised us that the Gippsland Basin (waters offshore in Bass Strait) present a strong opportunity for long term capture and storage of carbon dioxide.

At this point in time, Council has no formal position on the specific issue of carbon capture and storage. As a local council, we need to rely on the scientific expertise and advice provided by federal and state agencies.

While we understand that this is the start of a long process, Council certainly supports any sustainable measure that reduces carbon emissions or responds positively to addressing climate change.

We have asked the state and federal governments to keep us and our community informed as this project progresses. Some good information can be found at

Seismic Survey

The seismic survey is, we understand, a key step in assessing the geological suitability of the Gippsland basin for carbon storage.

While the survey is undertaken in waters well out of Council’s jurisdiction, we have advocated strongly to the Victorian government that residents and affected communities must be informed and provided information as well as the opportunity to ask questions about the survey. Council has been informed by both State and Federal Governments (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science) that the seismic survey presents no adverse environmental impacts.

Specifically, the joint government fact sheet (January 2018) states, “The potential impacts from the survey on all fish, including those with a swim bladder, has been assessed as minor or insignificant, localised, and temporary. No cases of fish death have been reported from seismic surveys”.

Council is aware that many in the local community have questions and concerns regarding the survey.

We urge them to attend the Victorian Government’s public information sessions or directly call the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources on 136 186.

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