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Owners in court over domestic animal offences
July 10, 2019

Eighteen people faced Sale Magistrate’s Court last week charged with a number of offences relating to irresponsible pet ownership.

The pet owners were charged with various offences, including:

  • Fail to register their cat or dog
  • Fail to renew registration of their cat/dog
  • Dog at large (failing to contain their dogs)
  • Dog rush (dog approaching members of the public in an aggressive manner)

The pet owners received a range of different penalties for these offences, from a six month good behaviour bond on the lower end of the scale, to a fine of $650 plus court costs of $250.

The average fine for failing to register a pet was $325 plus $220 in costs. Registration checks continue in Wellington, with Local Laws staff conducting door knocks in all areas.

Registration fees help Council maintain a valuable service, including caring for animals in the animal pound and shelter, animal cruelty investigations, reunification of lost pets, catering for pets in emergencies and monitoring domestic animal businesses.

Registration fees for pets range from $47 to $153 per animal, depending on their status (de-sexed, working dog, member of an approved association etc).

Pension concession is 50% of applicable fee.

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