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Online guide to going green
September 8, 2021

Information on how to live sustainably is now easier to find thanks to an upgrade of Wellington Shire Council’s online resources for local residents and businesses.

The update of Council’s website includes an in-depth look at all things related to sustainability and the environment.

It’s part of a commitment by Council in its Sustainability Strategy 2020-24 to keep the community engaged and informed about sustainable living.

One of the new features of the Environment section on the website is ‘Responding to Climate Change’ which details what climate change means for the Gippsland region and Wellington Shire. It also gives practical tips on how Wellington residents can prepare for and adapt to climate change.

Updates on plans for green waste disposal, including the proposed green bin collection service, are available in the newly-expanded ‘Waste Management’ section.

With hard waste collection underway over the coming weeks across the shire, residents will be able to stay informed about dates, guidelines and size limits by visiting the website.

There is also plenty of information on the website in the ‘Guide to Living Sustainably’, including details on gardening and food production, and tips on becoming a sustainable business.

Residents are invited to learn more about sustainability and the environment by visiting Council’s website at and clicking on the ‘Environment’ menu at the top right-hand side of the homepage.  

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