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New soil sampling unit available for farming community
March 2, 2023

Farm owners across Wellington Shire will be offered the opportunity to model a brand-new daybreak trailer mounted soil sampler, recently acquired by the Gippsland Agricultural Group.  

Purchased in June 2022, the Australian-made unit is the first of its kind to be publicly owned in the Gippsland region.

Wellington Shire Council contributed $35,000 towards the unit which will be housed at Gippsland Agricultural Group headquarters in Bairnsdale and available for local farm owners to use from mid-2023.

The investment allows farmers to better understand the capacity and limitations of their topsoil and subsoils – saving time and money by improving and maintaining their farmland. Unlike most soil samplers, the petrol driven hydraulic unit can take a 1.5m deep soil core from all soil types.

Soil sampling involves the analysis of a soil sample to give you clear information about the soil – identifying its nutrient content, composition and other characteristics that are important to soil health, such as acidity and pH level and detrimental contaminants.

Without soil testing, it is difficult for farmers to ensure the right application of fertilisers for the land are being used in order to achieve an optimum yield.

Wellington Shire Council Mayor, Ian Bye said that the new soil sampler is a strategic investment for the region and one that will have a real impact across our farming community.

“Collectively, farm owners will be able to come together, share their ideas and knowledge about different soil types and use the sampler at a fraction of the price typically required for testing soil. It’s no doubt a win-win situation for everyone” Cr Bye said.

Gippsland Agricultural Group will enter a period of training and development with key staff members, and in mid-2023 will be able to offer servicing to individual farms to take soil cores.

To stay up to date, farm owners are encouraged to contact Landcare networks and the Gippsland Agricultural Group via

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