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Makes cents not to bin it
October 21, 2022

Are you planning to host a garage sale sometime soon? Maybe your community group were thinking of doing some fundraising? Or maybe you have something that is justtoo good for hard waste, but you haven’t got around to putting it on Facebook Marketplace yet.

Why not sign up for the Garage Sale Trail - Australia’s festival of pre-loved stuff, when it comes to Wellington Shire next month.

The Garage Sale Trail 2022 takes place nationally over two weekends, 12-13 November and 19-20 November, and has been made possible locally by Wellington Shire Council.

The Garage Sale Trail encourages residents to sell, shop and learn about the circular economy. Wellington Shire’s online profile features a map of garage sales locally, so people can see what’s going on in the area, or sign up to add their own event.

People who sign up to host a garage sale will get plenty of tips, resources, advertising, and even touch-free PayPal QR code payments. Then, over two weekends of garage sales hosted simultaneously around the nation, people can declutter and sell pre-loved goods or shop the trail and snag a guilt-free bargain locally on 12-13 and 19-20 November.

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Ian Bye said the event was a fun wayfor residents to connect, make some money and stop good quality items from ending up in landfill or being illegally dumped.

“Keeping stuff in use for as long as we can by buying or selling it at a garage sale makes sense for the planet and makes cents for participants,” he said.

“Sustainable living is about making lifestyle choices and decisions to reduce our use of our natural resources. One of the major themes in Council’s Sustainability Strategy is contributing to a circular economy - we want our community to move away from the ‘take-make-dispose’ approach of the past and start reducing waste wherever we can.

“We’re supporting the Garage Sale Trail because it’s the circular economy in action, and it’s something all of Wellington’s residents can get behind too.”

Register your sale and find out more at

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