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Integrated Rabbit Control Program for Flooding Creek
February 17, 2023

Wellington Shire Council will undertake rabbit control works along Flooding Creek, adjacent to Back Maffra Road and Government Road in Sale commencing Monday 20 February 2023, with works to be completed in April.

Council’s Integrated Rabbit Control Program will take place on Council-owned land to reduce damage caused to the natural environment, as well as diminishing the pest rabbit population over time.

Rabbits are one of Australia's most serious pest animals and they have existed in the Flooding Creek borough since early European settlement.

The impact of rabbits along Flooding Creek is of particular concern for Council and landowners and has been a problem for many years. These rabbits have an impact on agriculture, soil stability, native flora and fauna through grazing and interconnecting rabbit burrows, known as warrens.

To ensure the Integrated Rabbit Management Control Program is effective, Council is increasing its control efforts and using best practice techniques including Pindone baiting and burrow modification to reduce the number of rabbits in the Flooding Creek and Back Maffra Road area of Sale. Pindone is a poison bait registered for use in urban areas.

Pindone baiting will occur on Council land at the north-east corner of Back Maffra Road and Government Road (west side of Flooding Creek). During the baiting period (20 February - 10 March 2023) Council officers will display appropriate signage at the entrance and boundary of the baiting zone.

Residents living in the surrounding areas are reminded of the risks that pindone bait poses to livestock and domestic animals, including dogs. To reduce the risk to animals, Council will not lay baits within five metres of any property boundary, or within 150m of a dwelling. It is recommended that animals do not have direct access to the land where baits or affected animals may be found.

The larger the area that is treated, the more beneficial the control program will be. Support from people who use the area for recreation will improve the effectiveness of the program. Council officers can help nearby property owners to develop a rabbit management plan or answer any questions regarding rabbit control.

For further information on the Flooding Creek Rabbit Control Program and assistance regarding rabbit management, please contact Wellington Shire Council’s Land & Natural Resource Coordinator on 1300 366 244 or email

Integrated Rabbit Management Plan map (SALE)

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