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Golden Beach Hazard Reduction Program
March 30, 2023

Over the past years, Wellington Shire Council has made significant progress clearing up properties that present potentially hazardous levels of grass and other fire fuels in our higher risk coastal communities.

Heavily vegetated properties are particularly susceptible to ember attack should a major fire occur nearby, so reducing hazards on properties is vital to ongoing risk reduction efforts.

With a surge in new construction and the number of properties in our coastal communities, this has seen the importance of clearing hazardous properties to improve community safety.

In line with our standard fire prevention work, Council has implemented a specific hazard reduction program separate to our annual fire prevention program, giving property owners additional time to conduct the required heavy maintenance works to reduce the risks before the next fire season.

Following a successful hazard reduction program in Paradise Beach in 2022, the program will roll out in Golden Beach between 1 April and 30 October this year. Property owners in the Golden Beach area must clear and maintain land if served a ‘Type 2” Fire Prevention Notice.

“Type 2” fire prevention notices require property owners to slash, mow or otherwise remove all long grass, weeds, and bracken, whether living or dead, to a height of not more than 100mm. This applies to the entire property where the notice is issued, including around all buildings, beneath trees and along fences. All undergrowth, including fallen branches and tree debris must be removed. Property owners must also ensure all low hanging branches from shrubs and trees are pruned to a height of two metres above the ground and prune any shrub or tree limbs that overhang neighbouring properties.

Council Officers will liaise with property owners to achieve the desired clearing levels and only issue an infringement as a last resort.

Thank you for your cooperation. For more information, please visit Council’s ‘Fire’ webpage or contact Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer on 1300 366 244 for specific advice on how to prepare your property.

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