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African Love Grass removal continues at Providence Ponds
October 4, 2018

Wellington Shire Council is continuing to work with the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority to target roadside African Love Grass at Providence Ponds and the Perry River catchment area.

The project, titled “Protecting our Ponds” was established to create awareness and undertake restorative works on the unique waterway system known as a Chain of Ponds.

Removal of African Love Grass from this catchment area is one of a number of key actions being delivered through the Protecting our Ponds project.

African Love Grass is an introduced species and spreads easily.

It competes with native grasses and pasture grass species and can have significant impacts on native flora and fauna.

Council is currently working to remove African Love Grass from roadsides in the area and encourages local landholders to take action on their private land to help control the spread of the weed.

Removing African Love Grass from the Providence Ponds area will improve the condition of the wetland habitats.

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