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Act now to identify and manage noxious weeds
February 11, 2020

Given the ongoing dry conditions, Wellington Shire Council encourages landholders to check their property for weeds - and to take action to prevent these weeds from spreading.

If left untreated, weeds can rapidly invade agricultural farmland and natural environments.

Regular inspections by landowners will support Council’s roadside weed control program. This program targets declared noxious weed species including African lovegrass, serrated tussock, prickly pear and blackberries.

Under the Catchment and Land Protections Act 1994, plant and animal species can be declared noxious if they cause, or have the potential to cause, environmental or economic harm.

For more information about Council’s roadside weed control program or to report a declared noxious weed, contact Council’s Land & Natural Resource Coordinator on 1300 366 244.

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