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Notice of Intention to Sell Land (Golden Beach)
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Wellington Shire Council (Council) gives notice under Section 189 of the Local Government Act 1989 (Act) that it intends to sell land at Golden Beach described as:

  1. Restructure Lot 185 (Consisting of lots 2607, 2608, 2609 and 2610 of PS56682).
  2. Restructure Lot 226 (Consisting of lots 2767, 2768, 2757 and 2758 of PS56682).
  3. Restructure Lot 227 (Consisting of lots 2769, 2770, 2755 and 2756 of PS56682).
  4. Restructure Lot 228 (Consisting of lots 2771, 2772, 2753 and 2754 of PS56682).

Lots are as shown on the plan below.

Council intends to sell the property on the open market at or above market value.

Any person may make a written submission to Council. All submissions received on or before 4.00pm on Friday 10 August 2018 will be considered in accordance with Section 223 (1) of the Act by a Committee of Council (Committee) convened for that purpose.

If a person wishes to be heard in support of their submission they must so indicate in their written submission and this will entitle them to appear in person or by a person acting on their behalf. The meeting will proceed if one or more persons request to be heard. The Committee will hear submissions at 9.00am on Tuesday 21 August 2018 at 70 Foster Street, Sale.

Submissions made in accordance with Section 223 are not considered confidential and will be incorporated into the agenda and minutes of any Council or Committee meeting at which the matter is considered. Any person requiring more information may contact Daniel Gall, Coordinator Commercial Facilities Management, on 1300 366 244.

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