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Community Local Law 2021
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Adoption of Community Local Law 2021  

Notice is given, pursuant to section 74(4) of the Local Government Act 2020, that at its meeting of 15 June 2021, the Wellington Shire Council (Council) resolved to revoke the following existing local laws:

  • Streets and Roads Local Law No.2 – 2011
  • Municipal Place Local Law No.3 – 2011
  • Environment Local Law No.4 – 2011
  • Livestock Local Law No.5 – 2011

 The Council also resolved to make the new Community Local Law 2021. These guidelines outline the requirements, conditions, and standards in a single document.

The Community Impact Statement has been developed as an explanatory document to seek to improve consistency, clarity, and transparency for those affected by the Local Law, including businesses and community members.

The Objectives of the Local Law are to:

  • Provide for those matters that require a local law under the Local Government Act 2020 and any other Act;
  • Prohibit, regulate and control activities, events, practices and behaviour in places throughout the municipality, so that no nuisance is caused and there is no detriment to the amenity of the neighbourhood, to a person or to a person’s real or personal property;
  • Support Council’s objectives to promote a physical and social environment throughout the municipality in which residents and visitors can enjoy a safe quality of life, that meets the reasonable expectations of the community;
  • Provide for the administration and exercise of Council powers and functions;
  • Provide for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district of the Wellington Shire; and
  • Repeal any redundant local laws.

A copy of the Wellington Shire Council Community Local Law 2021 and Community Impact Statement may be inspected or obtained from Wellington Shire Council Service Centres at 18 Desailly Street, Sale and 156 Grant Street, Yarram, or by using the links below;

David Morcom
Chief Executive Officer

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