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Have your say on a 24-hour cat curfew for Wellington
October 21, 2022

Council would like to hear feedback on a proposed 24-hour cat curfew for Wellington Shire.

During last year’s consultation of the new Domestic Animal Management Plan, feedback from the community called for Council to investigate the implementation of a 24/7 cat curfew. A 24-hour cat curfew would require cats to be confined to their owners’ properties or yards.

There are two options being considered – to maintain the status quo, with no additional cat containment restrictions, or a 24-hour curfew, where owners will need to make sure their cats are kept on their property at all times.

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Ian Bye said “during the consultation of our Domestic Animal Management Plan last year, 70% of the feedback received supported the implementation of a cat curfew.

Now we are looking into the best way to achieve that and asking the community for their feedback”.

We know that cats are popular pets, and roaming cats cause serious concerns. Wandering cats can kill native wildlife, run into cars, become injured in fights with other cats, frustrate neighbours and get lost or impounded.

Maffra vet Terri Allen from Herd Health said “stray cats are more likely to become feral than domestic cats. It is estimated that there are700,000 stray cats in the country and the majority are not desexed. In atypical day, a stray cat can make hundreds of stops – crossing roads, straying onto neighbouring properties and into bushland where wildlife is found.

“In Australia, around 70% of pet cats are free to roam and 50% hunt to kill other animals. This should be a big factor for the community when considering whether to adopt a cat curfew”.

Visit Council’s Your Wellington Your Say platform to find out more about the proposed 24-hour cat curfew and to have your say.

Head to curfew to complete a short survey, complete a Customer Action Request form via Council’s website, or visit a Customer Service Centre in Sale or Yarram to provide feedback in person. Consultation is open until Monday 7 November 2022.

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