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Amendment C118well

Amendment C118well

Purpose / Background

The purpose of Amendment C118well was to translate the findings of the Maffra Structure Plan (April 2022) into the Wellington Planning Scheme and replace outdated Wellington Planning Scheme content associated with Maffra, which will assist with managing growth and change in the township.

The Amendment was to also make a minor clerical change, to correct the wording of Section 2.0 of Schedule 1 to Clause 43.04 Development Plan Overlay.


Current Status

A request for formal Authorisation to prepare and exhibit the amendment was lodged with the Minister for Planning on 8 March 2023. A letter received from a delegate of the Minister on 14 March 2023 advised Council that the application had been placed on ‘further review’.

Ongoing discussions with Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) in April and May 2023 have resulted in the withdrawal of Amendment C118well. DTP has requested additional work be undertaken by Council, which gives more weight to the implementation of the Structure Plan. Council Officers are now working through a list of proposed changes as requested by DTP.

Further Information

For further information on this withdrawn Amendment, please contact a member of the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 366 244 or

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Monday, June 26, 2023

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