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Sale, Wurruk and Longford Structure Plan
Project Status: Open
Project Status: Completed

The Sale, Wurruk and Longford Structure Plan was formally adopted by Council on 7 September 2010. The Plan has been developed to:

  • Ensure that future growth and infrastructure are appropriately located and planned for in a coordinated and integrated way;
  • Respond to the key land use planning challenges facing the community and to shape the vision for the future of the area;
  • Contribute to the creation of more prosperous and attractive places;
  • Promote better connected and sustainable communities.

The Structure Plan was incorporated in the Wellington Planning Scheme via Planning Scheme Amendment C67 which came into operation on 8 November 2012.  The Stucture Plan was subsequently updated through Planning Scheme Amendment C89, which provided the Strategic Justification required to facilitate the relocation of the Sale Greyhound Racing Track.  Planning Scheme Amendment C89 was adopted by the Minister for Planning on 16 October 2014.

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