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Longford Development Plan
Project Status: Open
Project Status: Completed

The Longford Development Plan (the Development Plan) was adopted by Council on 17 November 2015 and was formally introduced into the Wellington Planning Scheme on 12 May 2016 through Planning Scheme Amendment C87.

Longford was identified in the Sale, Longford and Wurruk Structure Plan in 2010 as a growth area with a focus on rural lifestyle opportunities. There is the potential to develop the core of the town with a neighbourhood activity centre and higher density residential development (GRZ) if it is one day connected to reticulated sewerage. Longford is highly valued by its community for its rural residential character which is reflected in the Development Plan.

The Longford Development Plan is a tool which guides the envisioned development outcomes and necessary infrastructure delivery in a co-ordinated manner. The Development Plan has split the Longford Growth Area into eleven precincts. Each precinct can be developed independently but needs to be rezoned and a precinct plan needs to be in place prior to development taking place.

Landowners can request a rezoning for a precinct. Rezoning requests are assessed against the requirements of the Development Plan.

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