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Heyfield Structure Plan
Project Status: Open
Project Status: Completed

The Heyfield Structure Plan will serve as a planning tool that will help deliver the long term vision for the future growth and development of Heyfield.

It is intended that the document will guide land use and development in a manner that will improve the quality of life for the local community, whilst helping to attract residents and businesses to the area.

The Structure Plan was adopted by Council on 6 December 2011, following extensive consultation with the community and government agencies, as well as formal public exhibition between 29 August and 30 September 2011.

During the preparation of Amendment C72, officers consulted with key stakeholders to confirm if future aspirations were still as outlined in the Heyfield Structure Plan. During these meetings it became clear that around Firebrace Road there could potentially be significant changes in the short and medium term instead of the long term as identified in the Structure Plan. A Strategic Justification report has therefore been prepared as an ‘update’ to the original Structure Plan.

The Strategic Justification document, which was adopted by Council on 20 August 2013, identifies the development opportunities in the short and medium term in the Firebrace Road area.

The Structure Plan is now being implemented in the Wellington Planning Scheme through Planning Scheme Amendment C72. Other infrastructure and economic development initiatives identified in the Structure Plan will be considered further in the future by the relevant Council departments in their business planning.

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