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Sale Oval Changeroom Redevelopment


Commencement Date: 
December 2020
Completion Date: 
March 2022
Project Budget: 

Works include two Stages;

Stage 1 (Grandstand): Redevelopment of existing change facilities into universal design, compliant and female friendly changerooms.

Stage 2 (Netball changeroom, courts, and Past Players Hill): Works include the redevelopment of change rooms, public amenities, and access ramp into universal design, compliant and female friendly facilities along with the redevelopment of existing carpark into a netball training/warmup area, acrylic resurfacing of the netball court and extension to existing netball shed.

Works for the past players hill include improved traffic condition at the entry with new centre ticket box, disability car parking on oval edge, tiered spectator area, drainage for oval, and new public amenities.

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

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